It happened right in a initial curve. Anyone who wants to know anything about this automobile will also learn something about themselves. Who is indeed relocating whom here? The quattro does something to a person, as if a resource could be synchronized with a tellurian though regulating Bluetooth during all. Sovereign is he when roads … Read more

40 years, 40 figures, 40 images: fascinating contribution and tales about Audi’s quattro technology

0 clutches and differentials are during work in a Audi e-tron** and in a e-tron Sportback**. The entirely electric SUV models exercise electric all-wheel drive, whereby a electric motors exercise all quattro functions. 0.5 seconds is how distant forward a control section always calculates in a quattro with ultra technology. The intelligent open- and closed-loop control … Read more

2.5 TFSI: Audi’s many absolute array five-cylinder

These images are burnt into a memory of motorsport enthusiasts: Pikes Peak in a US. Summer 1987. Walter Röhrl whips his Audi Sport quattro S1 (E2) conflicting a mud highway some 4,000 meters (13,123 ft.) above sea turn as if there were no tomorrow. The atmosphere grows thinner. Both literally and metaphorically. In some places, … Read more

The mythological quattro and five-cylinder engine

quattro and a five-cylinder engine are legends with a good history, though are also defining trailblazers for a destiny of a automobile. As an constituent partial of Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” DNA, a expostulate complement and engine have not mislaid any of their energy to captivate, even 40 years after they premiered. The consistent all-wheel … Read more

In hunt of pushing pleasure: quattro expostulate and cessation of a Audi e-tron

Variable torque distribution: a electric all-wheel drive With a electric all-wheel expostulate Audi eliminated a sum imagination from some-more than 4 decades of quattro expostulate into a electric age. The reward code sum a potency of a single- shaft expostulate with a pushing dynamics and traction of an all-wheel drive. This record also reached a … Read more

Powerhouses: five-cylinder engines during Audi

The five-cylinder engines from Audi have achieved cult standing – partly due to their successful deployment in motorsport and also on comment of their trustworthiness and economy. The engine’s singular 1-2-4-5-3 ignition method and a exquisite sound that comes with it make a pushing knowledge so exhilarating. The initial five-cylinder gasoline engine powered a Audi … Read more

Podium for Saintéloc Racing and another GT World Challenge Europe pretension for Team WRT

Audi RS 3 LMS (TCR) Endurance and scurry victories in Latvia: With an considerable second place overall, LV Racing clinched a TCR difficulty feat in a BEC 6H deteriorate culmination in Riga. The successful motorist contingent in a team’s Audi RS 3 LMS enclosed Konstantins Calko, Ivars Vallers and Valters Zviedris. For LV Racing, it … Read more