Rally universe champion Stig Blomqvist: “The RS e-tron GT gives off a quattro feeling by and through“

Lucas di Grassi: Stig, we gathering a mythological Audi Sport quattro S1 in a Sanremo Rallye in a 1980s. What did we cruise of a Audi RS e-tron GT’s opening on that road?

Stig Blomqvist: At a Rallye Sanremo, we unequivocally know any centimeter. It has illusory view with slight towering roads that are like a drum coaster. The Audi RS e-tron GT weighs over a ton, so of march it’s significantly heavier than a S1 and it has a longer wheelbase. But interjection to a all-wheel steering and unequivocally low core of gravity, it’s unequivocally nimble in a approach it handles corners. Thanks to a quattro expostulate system, a threshold kindly announces itself and doesn’t give a motorist unsolvable problems. One thing is clear: a S1 was recognised as a convene automobile and a RS e-tron GT is a array model, nonetheless they are surprisingly identical on a road, when we cruise their simple design. How did we conduct with a S1, Lucas?

Lucas di Grassi: I’ll put it this way: a RS e-tron GT is for everyone, though a S1 is some-more for professionals. With a prosperous wing structure a automobile is intensely appealing even from a outside. But pushing it is a totally singular challenge! Where a RS e-tron GT is easy for a motorist to use and control and can be personalized with software, a S1 is a quite analog automobile and final all from a driver. The purchase and stop pedal need impassioned vigour and we have to impact a gears by a link, brief and crisp, when shifting. Speaking of changing gears, did we feel that was lacking in a RS e-tron GT?

Stig Blomqvist: It’s all a matter of what you’re used to. For me, as a convene driver, that includes primer shifting. Back then, paddle shifters were inconceivable. The e-tron GT quattro is a Gran Turismo, so it’s built for longer journeys. In a RS version, a pushing dynamics are quite pronounced. In that respect, a involuntary two-gear delivery is a excellent thing. The automobile balances comfort and sportiness intensely well. The adaptive dampers and three-chamber atmosphere cessation concede a automobile to respond to highway conditions unequivocally directly and also reduces pitching and loath in a body. And with scarcely 600 PS and 830 Nm of torque, it’s not lacking in dynamics.

Lucas di Grassi: Oh yeah, both of these electric engines unequivocally container a punch.In overboost mode, that’s 475 kilowatts – roughly 650 PS in your world, Stig. With Launch Control, a RS e-tron GT covers 400 meters (1312 feet) of pavement during about 230 km/h (143 mph). The S1 can’t make numbers like that, of course, though 450 PS distributed over 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs.) of unladen weight is still intensely heartless today. Which technical innovations in a RS e-tron GT are quite entrance into play for we here in a towering theatre of a Rallye Sanremo?

Stig Blomqvist: What we quite like is a targeted torque vectoring. It allows a behind of a RS to be banked by requesting a brakes to a behind circle on a inside of a bend in a approach that creates some-more agility. That’s unequivocally useful on this stretch. And a electronic differential close on a behind spindle improves traction on spinning wheels a lot.

Lucas di Grassi: I also find a torque vectoring we mentioned unequivocally good from my possess experience. The electric SUVs e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback have 3 electric motors any – they concede a advantages of a required competition differential to be practical to a behind axle. When a automobile turns fast into a curve, a electric engine gives a outward behind circle additional torque, while a middle behind circle is slowed down correspondingly. But let’s go from technical contribution to emotion. The S1’s sound is brutal, an unrelenting, indignant rumble, and a alarm of a turbo to boot! Do we skip that tension with a RS e-tron GT?

Stig Blomqvist: Personally, I’ll always have a unequivocally sold romantic attribute with a S1, that we don’t have with any other car. we became universe champion in 1984 with a Sport quattro. You don’t forget that. Apart from a pushing experience, a RS e-tron GT has an romantic outcome on me in many ways. First, a cultured pattern is fascinating to me: a low roof, a far-reaching cheeks, a brief overhangs. When we unbarred a Audi, we was greeted with a light show. It’s a tiny thing, though it gives a automobile personality. The sporty chair position behind a flattened RS steering circle with non-slip seperated leather, that happens to be ideal for this road, is also satisfying. If we demeanour during a heavily accentuated quattro blisters on a front end, it will remind we of a ur-quattro. And to come behind to your question, a electronic sound fits unequivocally good with it.

Lucas di Grassi: For me, Audi has found a totally singular interpretation of a sporty sound in a electric age. That also relates to quattro technology, that is invariably removing improved and some-more efficient. Stig, does a RS e-tron GT carry on a suggestion of a Sport quattro?

Stig Blomqvist:  Absolutely. The RS e-tron GT gives off a quattro feeling by and through. Thanks to a electrical expostulate system, it has crazy acceleration and a steering is transmitted directly in a sporty approach that’s also ideal for bland use, distinct a S1, that has a unequivocally forked steering. Depending on a pushing program, a RS e-tron GT can even hoop complicated oversteering by curves with targeted acceleration bursts. But in general, it’s a automobile that’s calibrated to be intensely neutral with an activated ESC. Ultimately, a RS e-tron GT is a judicious subsequent step for a Sport quattro – 40 years after we shook adult a convene universe with a quattro expostulate system.

Lucas di Grassi: That’s true.The Sport quattro was a large crash and lay a substructure for Audi’s array of successes in motorsport. Because it was so popular, roughly any indication has been given a quattro version. For ages now, any RS indication has come with permanent all-wheel expostulate as a customary feature. Are we unapproachable to be partial of that history?

Stig Blomqvist: Proud is a clever word. But I’m impossibly beholden to have been means to knowledge this period. Driving in a group for 4 years is like vital in a large family. The Sport quattro S1 was a winning automobile and a expostulate judgment has determined itself as a winning record that has grown currently into a timekeeper of Audi’s destiny in a electrified variants.