The mythological quattro and five-cylinder engine

quattro and a five-cylinder engine are legends with a good history, though are also defining trailblazers for a destiny of a automobile. As an constituent partial of Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” DNA, a expostulate complement and engine have not mislaid any of their energy to captivate, even 40 years after they premiered.

The consistent all-wheel expostulate and a sporty engine incite memories of ancestral venues. But they are also a technological basement for a automotive practice that distortion before us.

Why don’t we take a demeanour behind during 40 years of a quattro knowledge with convene legends Stig Blomqvist and Fabrizia Pons, as good as Formula E motorist Lucas di Grassi and get on house when a all-wheel expostulate powers into a electric future. You can also find out how a latest growth theatre of a five-cylinder is stability Audi’s tradition of sporty engines.