International Audi eTwin Cup 2021: The winning group is from Switzerland

Checking automobile damage, calculating battery capacity, or responding questions about automobile record and use processes: 16 teams of 3 use employees and technicians any competed with one another in a sum of 5 disciplines during a initial general finals of a Audi eTwin Cup World Championship 2020/21. In a process, a Swiss group emerged as a winner. The second place group from South Korea was also impressive. Service workers and technicians from Bulgaria followed in third place. The winners in a particular use and record categories were Poland and Russia.

Before that, a teams from a Audi partner factories from 16 countries had competent for a Audi eTwin Cup World Championship 2020/21finals in inhabitant competitions. About 1,700 teams participated in a preceding inhabitant competitions. As in a general finals, a teams had to infer their advisory ability and technical believe in several unsentimental and fanciful tests during a inhabitant finals.

The inheritor foe to a Audi Twin Cup, that has been hold given 2005, was quite digital this time due to a Coronavirus pandemic, that is because a minute “e” was combined to a name. While a prior 16 finals took place in a singular final location, this year, a participants finished a tests in their automobile dealerships in their possess countries. They were connected around mechanism to a Audi eTwin Cup master control room in a Munich airfield and guided robots or proxies versed with practical existence eyeglasses by their tasks, for instance with a Audi e-tron GT – always underneath a vicious eye of a live, on-site jury. The finalists were means to speak to any other in a loose, general atmosphere in digital amicable zones. All in a suggestion of a foe slogan:“Work together, win together.”

“I would really many like to appreciate my colleagues in a use and seminar areas. Their effort, privately in these severe times, creates them a many critical post in Audi’s after-sales business,” says Horst Hanschur. “I am quite blissful to see so many group suggestion and passion among a finalists. That is precisely a definition of a sign for a foe ‘work together, win together.’ We are witnessing Vorsprung in a use of a many present – and, for a initial time, phygital – technology. That is because we worked interactively with participants from around a world, combined a fascinating hybrid foe format, and pulled off a finals during a top turn of the aspiration.”