Mercedes-Benz deputy tools from a 3D printer.

All printed deputy tools do a high peculiarity criteria of a Mercedes-Benz code and conform to a strange genuine partial in all a properties. This creates it probable for state-of-the-art, digital prolongation record to minister to progressing code classics according to strange specifications: “Future meets Classic”.

Due to a approach layers of element are combined to a part, 3D copy is also called addition production. Generally, a “powder bed” routine is used, which, by means of one or some-more laser beams, creates a preferred member geometry by sintering or smelting. In this process, several materials can be processed, such as metals or plastics. In a box of comparison parts, for that there are usually two-dimensional drawings available, a three-dimensional dataset initial has to be created. The 3D printer can afterwards be directly tranquil with this data.