BMW Group during a CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Virtual expostulate in a BMW Vision iNEXT.

Munich/Las Vegas. At this year’s Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a BMW Group will showcase a destiny of
pushing pleasure and a intensity of digital connectivity in a
accumulation of opposite ways. From Jan 8-11 2019, visitors will have
their initial possibility to take a practical expostulate in a BMW Vision iNEXT,
accompanied by a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. In this way,
a BMW Group is underlining a innovative capabilities in a fields
of design, programmed driving, connectivity, electrification, and
services (D+ACES), that are all tangible as pivotal areas of future
activity in a corporate plan NUMBER ONE NEXT.

The prophesy car will be displayed alongside a sophisticated
mixed-reality designation that, for a initial time, provides a
practical and immersive sense of what it is like to drive
autonomously, emission-free, and entirely connected in a BMW Vision
iNEXT. To start a simulation, a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
suggests an bulletin for a day and skeleton a activities for a trip
perfectly. With practical existence goggles and a specially-designed
spatial concept, visitors are means to douse themselves in this
practical world: Initially, they expostulate a BMW Vision iNEXT themselves,
though a car shortly takes over a pushing function. In autonomous
“Ease” mode, a motorist interacts with a BMW Intelligent Personal
Assistant, that creates suggestions and controls several digital
services for a motorist – from videoconferencing, to shopping, to
intelligent home functions.

With a ground-breaking record for rarely programmed driving,
intelligent connectivity, and innovative arrangement control concepts, the
BMW Vision iNEXT showcases totally new ways to implement pushing time.
Visitors can try a elemental pattern element referred to as
“Shy Tech” – discretely integrated record that usually becomes
manifest when indispensable – directly, interjection to dual serve exhibits outside
a vehicle. The interior of a BMW Vision iNEXT is designed as a
mobile sourroundings that enhances peculiarity of life. This “Favorite
Space” answers a question: “What will cars demeanour like when they no
longer have to be driven by a person, though still can be?”

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant outlines a emergence of a new era
for a BMW brand, regulating healthy denunciation for communication with the
car and to opening functions. In a new BMW X5 visitors can check
out a functions that will be accessible for new models from March
2019, along with comparison destiny capabilities of a BMW Intelligent
Personal Assistant. The personal partner is also an constituent partial of
a mount concept. It welcomes visitors during a opening to a stand
and guides them to a core of a muster by sound and
light experiences.

The BMW Group participation during a CES 2019 is finished by spectacular
outside car presentations. BMW Motorrad will denote one of
a investigate highlights in a margin of programmed driving: a
self-riding BMW R 1200 GS. The insights gained with this exam bike
will assistance yield even improved assistance with formidable maneuvers in
a future. For a initial time, visitors can also take a chair in the
all-new, first-ever BMW X7 and suffer being driven by an
considerable off-road course.