Mercedes-Benz Design: Team &Mercedes-

Every form of vehicle from Daimler AG is viewed initial of all on a erotic level. Barely anyone can conflict this romantic impact, since prolonged before any technical information or innovations are revealed, desires are waked adult by a pattern alone. One of a categorical tasks of Daimler pattern group is to emanate desires in … Read more

Mercedes-Benz and WLTP: FAQ.

The pushing cycle of a WLTP is called WLTC – Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Cycle. For opposite car models, a WLTP has 3 opposite pushing cycles, that take comment of a particular power-to-weight ratio. Most cars purebred in a EU, that have a power-to-weight ratio of some-more than 34 kW/t (46 PS/t), are reserved … Read more