Anna-Lena Friedsam German champion for a third time

In Sunday’s final, a 24-year aged Anna-Lena Friedsam kick Antonia Lottner from a Porsche Talent Team 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 during a Biberach an der Riß venue in Southern Germany. 

Before relocating adult to Porsche Team Germany, Anna-Lena Friedsam was also upheld in a Porsche Talent Team. She primarily struggled to find her stroke in a initial set opposite Antonia Lottner though afterwards a tournament’s tip seed lived adult to expectations to run out a gentle leader of a championship. 

“After my prolonged damage break, a pretension win unequivocally means a lot to me,” pronounced Anna-Lena Friedsam after her feat in a final. “For me a German Championship was a ideal event to get some compare use after a prolonged break. I’m so gratified all has worked out so well.”

Katharina Hobgarski, another Porsche Talent Team player, also reached a semi-finals of a championship that enclosed many of Germany’s tip women players. 

Anna-Lena Friedsam and Antonia Lottner