“You could crawl down before a 300 SL.”

What done we wish to participate?

I simply couldn’t pass adult a event to expostulate a “Gullwing” in this scenery. The automobile is an overwhelming icon. If your hear a word Porsche, we consider of a 911. With Ford it’s a Mustang. Mercedes-Benz has several icons, and a 300 SL is right adult there with a best. It’s one of a cars whose print we hang on a wall.

And what did this super sports automobile from a 1950s expostulate like in a rally?

Totally fantastic. we was a bit shaken since many people had told me that a 300 SL “Gullwing” was not easy to drive. we know opposite now: it’s agile, a doing is predictable, a steering is precise, and a prominence is great. The engine is well-spoken and silky, offers copiousness of torque, and is responsive. Given these characteristics, we could even suppose regulating a automobile on a day-to-day basis. It’s a thrillingly good drive. The 300 SL does not defect on any front.