Perfect summer rhythms during a Concert Summer.

One day later, on 7 July, Kontra K was a many fluent sound box on a stage. And before him stood a likewise enormous sound box. This consisted of around 5,200 unison fans, who were positively preoccupied with Kontra K. The opening series was “Oder nicht” (“Or not”) from his stream album. The fans were with him right from a off, with hands lifted high. The kick came from a front, like a corner heartbeat of a crowd. And it persisted to a really final seconds of a concert.

All were on their feet, singing and swaying. Kontra K stood on a stage, though he was always in a midst of a fans. Between dual numbers he listened a strains of “Happy birthday to you” from a ranks. Apparently for someone called Joshua – a rapper responded during once, and unexpected a whole throng was singing for Joshua. A glorious knowledge for a birthday boy. And for a crowd. Because hip-hoppers adore their community, and they adore times like this.