The new Mercedes-Benz EQV (2020) | Electric Intelligence.

The excellence of MBUX privately for EQ is a sold highlight. In a high-resolution, ten-inch media display, a EQ tile in a categorical menu serves as a executive indicate of entrance to a specific displays and settings. These embody a charging current, depart time, appetite upsurge and expenditure histogram. The media arrangement can also be used to work a navigation and Mercedes me Charge functions, as good as a pushing modes. One of a strengths of MBUX is a intelligent voice control with healthy denunciation comprehension, that is activated by a keyword “Hey Mercedes”. The voice control supports many infotainment functions (e.g. end input, phone calls, song selection, essay and conference messages, continue forecast), as good as countless preference functions such as meridian control/lighting. And MBUX also relates a strengths in multiple with a Mercedes me App outward a vehicle. EQV drivers can devise their destinations from a home or office, enter a depart time and move a interior to a preferred temperature.