BMW Motorrad partners with ”The House of Machines” in Shanghai.

München / Shanghai. On Jan 16, “The House of
Machines” (THoM) non-stop a initial mild opening in Asia in
Shanghai. As a disdainful THoM partner, BMW Motorrad will have an
disdainful space dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts in China. As a
confidant pierce by BMW Motorrad in sell innovation, THoM Shanghai will
allege BMW Motorrad’s heading position and pacesetter picture in the
motorcycle industry.

“BMW Motorrad has always been a vital motorist of motorcycle
enlightenment worldwide and The House of Machines, like BMW Motorrad, has a
good passion for a motorcycle lifestyle, so this creates them natural
partners,” pronounced Dr. Markus Schramm, a Head of BMW Motorrad, during the
opening rite of THoM Shanghai. “Looking forward, BMW Motorrad will
continue to take bottom in a Chinese marketplace focusing on customer
centricity and operative with a play partners to foster innovative
motorcycle practice and expostulate a tolerable expansion of the
motorcycle enlightenment in China.”

“THoM Shanghai is an critical step by BMW Motorrad in retail
creation and is partial of a joining to enriching a motorcycling
knowledge of China’s motorcycle enthusiasts,” pronounced Timo Resch, BMW
Motorrad Head of Sales and Marketing. “Through THoM Shanghai, BMW
Motorrad will move business even closer to motorcycle culture,
permitting some-more business to knowledge a passion of motorcycle spirit
and culture.

Partners join army to emanate an disdainful space for
The success story of “The House of
Machines” started in Cape Town in South Africa in 2013, followed by
Los Angeles in 2017, providing a giveaway space where motorcycle
enthusiasts accommodate to suffer motorcycle enlightenment and knowledge the
lifestyle embodied by BMW Motorrad. THoM Shanghai, with the
partnership of BMW Motorrad, China Grand Auto and Alliance Brands
Limited, is a motorcycle lifestyle space including a bar, café, music
and, of course, motorcycles. Here visitors can not usually enjoy
top-notch delicacies and cocktails though also knowledge a classic
attract of a BMW Motorrad Heritage Series. In addition, THoM Shanghai
comforts LNLA (Limits No Longer Apply), a conform code desirous by
BMW Motorrad, that allows visitors to knowledge a unobstructed mind
and giveaway suggestion of motorcyclists voiced by fashion.

New customer-centric sell drives motorcycle enlightenment development.

Since a entrance into a Chinese marketplace in 2013, BMW Motorrad
has been committed to bringing China’s motorcycle enthusiasts
stirring products and code practice with patron centricity.
Through THoM Shanghai, BMW Motorrad will move business even closer
to motorcycle enlightenment and concede some-more business to knowledge the
passion of motorcycle suggestion and culture.

Besides posterior sales, BMW Motorrad – as an attention personality in
China’s motorcycle attention – has done continual efforts to promote
motorcycle enlightenment in China by a farrago of innovative
experiential selling activities. In 2014, it launched a BMW
Motorrad Day China, that has given captivated scarcely 20,000
participants and grown a largest fan bottom among premium
motorcycle brands; and a BMW Motorrad GS Trophy has supposing a stage
for all off-road motorcycling enthusiasts to rivet in foe and
set themselves a challenge. Adhering to a element of putting
knowledge and business first, BMW Motorrad will continue to promote
motorcycle enlightenment among Chinese customers.

Through low insights into a Chinese marketplace and a ongoing
relentless efforts, BMW Motorrad continued to lead China’s premium
motorcycle shred in 2019 with scarcely 30 tip products in six
categories and comprehensively upgraded reward services, posting 17%
YoY sales expansion – in further to violation sales record globally for
a ninth uninterrupted year. Looking forward, BMW Motorrad will
continue to innovate and deliver new models to accommodate customers’
diversified needs, invariably advancing motorcycle enlightenment in China
– and providing some-more motorcycle enthusiasts with authentic
motorcycling pleasure and informative practice so as to MAKE
for them.

In box of queries, greatfully contact:

Tim Diehl-Thiele, Head of Communications BMW Motorrad

Tel.: +49 151 601 57505,
[email protected]

Ingo Wirth, Head of Communications MINI and BMW Motorrad

Tel.: +49 89 382 25814,
[email protected]


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In 2019, a BMW Group sole over 2,520,000 newcomer vehicles
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