The screen raises for a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy: More racing array and some-more prizes make this singular foe for a worldwide BMW Motorrad Motorsport village even some-more attractive.

For a third year, a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy has been expanded:
21 racing array and an additional reward for successful riders –
Scoring duration starts on Friday, 19th February.



Munich (DE), 17th Feb 2016. The screen raises for a next
turn of a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy: 2016 outlines a third deteriorate for
this singular foe for highwayman BMW racers worldwide. For this
year BMW Motorrad Motorsport has stretched a BMW Motorrad Race
Trophy. The array of racing array has been increasing and a further
reward esteem for successful participants has been introduced.


As partial of a long-term plan in motorsport, BMW Motorrad
introduced a Race Trophy in 2014. This plan forms a vital pillar
of a extensive worldwide patron sports programme of BMW
Motorrad. Any BMW S 1000 RR supplement competing in one of a listed
championships can take partial giveaway of assign in a BMW Motorrad Race
Trophy, and conflict it out with other BMW racers from opposite series,
nations and continents to be crowned a best BMW Motorrad privateer
in a world. According to their formula in their respective
championships, a participants accept Race Trophy points for a joint
ranking. The supplement who collects a tip array of Race Trophy
points over a scoring duration wins a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.


In a initial dual years, a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy has grown to be
a tellurian success. In a initial 2014 season, 69 BMW riders
registered. Last season, this array increasing by over 50 per cent to
a sum of 104 participants from 22 opposite nations and six
continents. The aim for a destiny is to invariably grow the
general family of BMW Motorrad competition riders.


For 2016 a array of racing array counting towards a BMW
Motorrad Race Trophy has been increasing from 19 to 21 (see list of
racing array below). New additions are a International Road Racing
Championship (IRRC) in Europe, a SuperBike Series Brasil (BRSBK) in
South America and a Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) in
Australia. In addition, a serve eventuality has been combined to a BMW
Combined Road Race Challenge (BMW RRC). Apart from a North West 200,
a Isle of Man TT, a Ulster Grand Prix and a Macau Grand Prix,
a BMW highway racers can now also measure Race Trophy points during the
Southern 100, that will be hold on a Isle of Man in July.


Within these 21 racing series, Race Trophy points can be scored in a
sum of 28 opposite championship classes. The formidable and balancing
points complement that was introduced final year has proven a value and
will also be used in 2016. The scoring duration starts on Friday, 19th
Feb 2016 and ends on Sunday, 4th Dec 2016. Once again, the
participants can contest in some-more than one championship. The points
they measure in a opposite championships are distributed separately
for any particular series. Only a points from a competition array in
that a member has scored a biggest array of Race Trophy
points during this indicate in time are enclosed in a altogether standings.


The best BMW Motorrad riders and teams will be given their prizes at
a 2016 BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale in December. The 2016
BMW Motorrad Race Trophy facilities a sum esteem purse of 100,000
Euros. This esteem income is divided between a tip 15 participants.
The leader receives a coupon for 20,000 Euros.


In serve to a esteem money, BMW Motorrad Motorsport rewards its
successful business with reward payments: a “Championship Bonus” for
riders and teams, as good as a newly introduced “Race Finisher
Bonus”. Like final season, any member in a Race Trophy who
wins a pretension in his particular championship receives 2,500 Euros in
additional esteem money, regardless of what position he finishes in a Race
Trophy. The group with that a member won a championship
receives 7,500 Euros. This esteem income is usually awarded once to any team.


New for 2016 is a “Race Finisher Bonus”, that creates a Race
Trophy even some-more appealing for those participants who do not have the
possibility to frequently grasp tip positions. A reward of 500 Euros and
a appearance during a BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale is
postulated to those riders who do a following criteria: finish all
rated races in their particular championship, no final position in any
rated race, ranked outward a tip 15 in a final standings of the
Race Trophy and carrying reached a smallest measure of 100 Race Trophy points.


Registration is open now and probable adult to Thursday, 30th Jun 2016.
All participants signing adult for a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
within this time duration will accept an disdainful acquire package,
including BMW Motorrad Motorsport jacket, shirt and t-shirts, HP
footrest system, BMW logos and several racing stickers.


You can find all a information on a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
online during a BMW Motorrad Motorsport website:



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Racing Series.




* in 2016 new to a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy