Audi RS 5 DTM before start of a season

The series of exam days is heavily singular in a DTM, with usually one some-more pre-season exam scheduled before a deteriorate opener during Hockenheim on May 7. Consequently, a 3 days nearby Seville are quite profitable for a Audi Sport exam team. “The exam during Monteblanco offers a usually event to check a efficacy of a ideas a engineers worked out in winter before we pass them on to a teams,” says Dieter Gass, Head of DTM during Audi Sport.

During a Hockenheim pre-season exam from Apr 4 to 8, all 8 Audi drivers together with their teams will have a event to ready for a new deteriorate during a circle of their competition cars. In contrast, usually dual exam versions of a Audi RS 5 DTM and dual drivers have been deployed to Monteblanco. “Obviously, all a drivers would like to expostulate in Spain as well,” says Gass. “But to grasp best exam results, we cite to use usually one motorist per car.” Selected for a exam were a dual best-placed drivers of a past season, Jamie Green and Mattias Ekström.

In terms of technology, a Audi RS 5 DTM has not altered compared with final year – as changes are taboo by a regulations. Detailed improvements, however, are probable – and they existed even with a automobile that won 10 of a 18 DTM races final year. “We clever on finding and examining diseased points in sequence to tackle any area in that we can still make some adjustments,” says Gass. “This was essentially focused on trustworthiness and fine-tuning work for competition marks on that we were not so clever final year.”