The artistic orchestrator: Sonja Schiefer.

Munich – December, 2019. Sonja Schiefer is director
of a Shanghai studio of BMW Group Designworks. A creative
orchestrator, Sonja has worked for Designworks in heading positions
and several locations given 2001. Vested with a surpassing design
credentials she has some-more than dual decades of believe in the
general pattern attention mixing an interdisciplinary perspective on
pattern with vital know how and cross-industrial expertise. Sonja
is a clever pushing force behind many of Designworks’ innovation
projects. Since Jul 2019, she has been heading a Shanghai studio’s
pattern prophesy and daily operations, with an desirous group of
creatives and strategists.


Before fasten Designworks in Los Angeles Sonja worked for 10 years
during frogdesign in both San Francisco as good as New York where she set
adult and led a studio.


What is a destiny of mobility and what is Designworks’ role
in it?

Schiefer: Mobility has turn increasingly
multi-layered. We need to delicately interweave a series of different
solutions to grasp a seamless and joyous believe for people.
Designworks achieves this by meditative about destiny mobility as an
ecosystem and offers solutions that are strategic, though also exciting
and emotional.


With Designworks’ studios opposite a globe, what is the
specific concentration of a Designworks Shanghai studio we represent?

Schiefer: For a Shanghai studio, providing a solid
bargain of a internal enlightenment and patron is a priority. It
means carrying a finger on a beat and bringing observations and
stories from a marketplace to a BMW Group. Based on this reality, we
rise concepts and solutions that impact experiences, products and
services. Our collaborations with partners outward of a automotive
margin strengthen a insights opposite mixed industries and broaden
a perspectives. 


Where do we see Designworks in a destiny and what arrange of
things are we penetrating to inspire as executive of a studio?

Schiefer: Designworks is a artistic visionary
bringing BMW Group together with outmost partners. In an increasingly
formidable and severe world, a ability to overpass is an invaluable
quality. Broad, connected meditative is pivotal and allows destiny visions to
expostulate evident subsequent steps.


What is your pattern ethos? What sources of impulse for the
margin of pattern should we use some-more in a future?

Schiefer: For me, pattern is an confident visionary
force. A artistic thinker is means to prognosticate a illusive destiny but
also find an countenance that aligns and excites. The engineer should
be a holistic problem solver rebellious formidable hurdles and finding
solutions that pierce us forward. Successful pattern needs strong
organic care both on a corporate turn as good as within
pattern teams. Design leaders and their teams yield a voice of
impulse within a company, motivating everybody else. Key is the
ability to combine and change opposite disciplines, thereby
joining and compelling a pattern story to other functions.
Championing pattern and pushing synergy between disciplines is a goal.


What creates Designworks unique?

Schiefer: Working for both BMW Group and external
attention partners, we are means to turn a height for sell and
abounding believe transfer. Exposure to outmost partners formula in an
open disposed opinion in a pattern team. This enables Designworks to
be a challenger for a BMW Group providing impulse and
innovation. We offer a complement meditative proceed to plea and
emanate certain impact by delicately orchestrating a creative
services. We work with an eye to a destiny – idealist though with the
idea of creation a genuine disproportion in a world.