The multilateral design thinker: Martina Starke.

Munich – December, 2019. Martina Starke is the Studio
Director of Designworks Munich where she is leading the team with
strategic thinking and with a holistic design approach. While new
design solutions have always been at the center of Martina’s work,
years of close collaboration with a variety of specialist departments
at the BMW Group has been a defining factor in her vision of
innovation. With her main focus on human centered design, Martina
Starke enjoys encouraging interaction. Working across industries and
with various disciplines and mindsets in her team is therefore one of
the most important aspects for her. Martina’s versatile team at
Designworks’ Munich studio currently consists of 40 creatives and has
a strong link to the BMW Group’s design departments.  


Martina Starke has held numerous design positions within the BMW
group over the last 19 years. With broad experience across both
exterior and interior design, as well as material, color and detail,
she assumed responsibility for BMW Brand Vision and BMW Brand Design
before joining Designworks in July 2019.


What is the future of mobility and what is Designworks’ role
in it?

Starke: We are no longer talking mainly about cars
because mobility has become an entire ecosystem that needs to be
designed. While working on aspects like getting seamlessly from A to
B, we look beyond the automobile. At Designworks, we benefit from an
outside-in view, a perspective that allows us to question the obvious
with all the design knowledge and bold creativity of our
multidisciplinary teams. We think in both the physical and digital
world and understand the essence of human interaction.


With DW studios across the globe, what is the specific focus
of the DW studio in Munich you represent?

Starke: In addition to a world-class design team with
people from different disciplines and backgrounds, the Munich studio
has a creative consultancy unit that works closely with clients to
develop an in depth understanding of highly complex projects. This
collaborative approach, together with a highly analytical design
process guarantees far-sighted solutions and business-relevant products. 


Where do you see DW in the future and what sort of things are
you keen to encourage as director of the studio?

Starke: We at Designworks see ourselves as architects
of future who combine a comprehensive process view with an in-depth
understanding of the future context. Strong visions need compelling
storytelling and we’re convinced that technology experiences of the
future have to be emotional and above all human. We will continue to
work across disciplines and industries to create truly innovative
products and strategies for and with our customers.


What is your design ethos? What sources of inspiration for the
field of design should we use more in the future?

Starke: One thing I’m telling everyone is: Stay
curious. And be brave. That means we have to leave our comfort zone
for some unexpected encounters. We can learn so much from other
disciplines and project different ways of thinking back to our design
field. I’ve worked with leading scientists for example and sharing
both specific knowledge as well as enthusiasm for what you are doing
always resulted in completely new directions.


What makes Designworks unique?

Starke: Design, strategy and automotive thinking are
interwoven in a way that allows us to deliver seamlessly designed
services. Above all, it’s the attitude that makes the difference. For
us, co-creation in the team is not only a necessity but a potential
each and every team member values and nurtures, as much as our clients.