BMW Welt Jazz Award 2020. Following a new thesis “The Melody during Night”, a endowment enters the twelfth season.

Munich. Celebrating a twelfth edition, the
successful and timeless format of a BMW Welt Jazz Award will
deliver a new concept. Following a thesis “The Melody during Night“,
6 superb general ensembles from Norway, Poland, Germany,
Luxemburg and Italy will perform 6 concerts offering giveaway of charge
on Tuesday nights. And while a venue of a concerts will sojourn the
same during a Double Cone of BMW Welt, this year’s audiences can expect
to be greeted by a new set up.

Created in a blue hour of blues music, late-night dances and
jam sessions in a early morning hours, jazz has been a quadruped of
a night from a inception. This is because in a “Great American
Songbook” a terms “night” and “moon” will many expected be found more
mostly than even “love”. Therefore, a musicians selected for a BMW
Welt Jazz Award 2020 will try this year’s thesis “The Melody at
Night” by holding a closer demeanour during a night and a associated
melodies – and for a really initial time, a concerts will be performed
on Tuesday nights instead of Sunday matinees.

Following a final eventuality on Mar 10, an consultant jury will select
dual ensembles to perform during a final unison hold during a auditorium
of a BMW Welt, where a personality will be announced. In serve to
esteem income of 10,000 Euro, a winning garb will accept a trophy
designed privately by BMW Design. The runner-up will accept 5,000
Euro. In addition, a audience’s altogether favourite garb will
accept a public award, that includes a opening during the
festival “Jazz Sommer 2020” hold during a Munich hotel Bayerischer Hof.

Dieter Reiter, Mayor of Munich, said, “I am certain that a BMW
Welt Jazz Award will once again move an eager public to the
Double Cone of a BMW Welt to knowledge superb newcomers of the
jazz stage in dusk performances giveaway of charge. In a name of the
City of Munich, we would like to appreciate a BMW Group for this
well-developed and durability commitment.”

Ilka Horstmeier, member of a Board of Management responsible
for Human Resources during BMW AG has turn enthusiast of a BMW Welt Jazz
Award: “Every year a BMW Welt Jazz Award offers a fantastic
eventuality for gifted artists to uncover their skills. Jazz stands for
many virtues that are also applicable in today´s operative world:
creativity, improvisation, lifelong learning, toleration and cultural
diversity. We are gay to offer, for a really initial time, six
moving dusk performances following a thesis “The Melody at
Night”. we would like to appreciate a partners for a shining cooperation.

The arriving year will also see a fifth book of a BMW
Welt Young Artist Jazz Award, that is offering in co-operation with
a City of Munich. Young jazz musicians and ensembles who come from
Munich or a surrounding area are authorised to apply. As previously
seen with endowment winners Josef Reßle, Roman Sladek, Martin Brugger and
Hannah Weiss, a jury members of a BMW Welt Jazz Award will decide
on a turn of support postulated to a applicants.

Programme of a BMW Welt
Jazz Award 2020

Concerts from 7 pm to about 9.30 pm during a double-coned
structure of a BMW Welt:

January 14, 2020            Cecilie Grundt Quintet
January 21,
2020            Andrea Hermenau Quintet
February 11,
2020          Adam Bałdych Quartet
February 18, 2020         
Peter Gall Quintet
February 25, 2020         
March 10, 2020              Giovanni Guidi Quintet

The concerts are offering giveaway of charge; however, seating is
singular and can't be guaranteed. Doors open during 6 pm.

Final unison during a auditorium of BMW Welt during 7pm:

May 9, 2020                    Final unison featuring a two
shortlisted finalists

Tickets for a final unison will be accessible as of Jan 14,
2020, during BMW Welt and München Ticket.

This year’s events will be hosted by Hannah Weiss, personality of a BMW
Welt Young Artists Award 2019.


The renowned jury of consultant jurors, that valid success in
prior years, will be headed by Oliver Hochkeppel (Music and
informative affairs journalist, Süddeutsche Zeitung) and will embody the
following members:

Roland Spiegel, Editor and jazz consultant during German broadcasting station
Bayerischer Rundfunk BR‑KLASSIK

Andreas Kolb, Editor-in-chief of and neue
musikzeitungHeike Lies, Musicologist, Music and Music Theatre Division
of a Department of Cultural Affairs of a state capital
MunichChristiane Böhnke-Geisse, Artistic Director of a international
jazz festival “Bingen swingt”.

Artists and ensembles

January 14, 2020: Cecilie Grundt Quintet

Saxophonist Cecilie Grundt is one of a latest discoveries of the
sharp-witted Norwegian jazz scene. Trained in Stavanger, Trondheim and
Valencia, this 28-year-old musician founded her initial rope Matrjosjka
in 2016, closely followed by her quintet in 2017, that she focusses
many on while also personification in several other ensembles and large bands.
Unlike many other immature Scandinavian jazz musicians, Grundt did not
come to jazz around folk, stone or avantgarde music; her purpose models
embody normal iconic saxophonists from Dexter Gordon over
Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins to Jan Garbarek. This is because she
named her entrance manuscript “Contemporary Old School” – a humoristic curtsy to
a impulse that informs all her pieces. Together with trumpeter
Øyvind Mathisen, pianist Håvard Aufles, bassist Morten Stai and
drummer Åsmund Smidt, she will rise new soundscapes and melodies
formed on this tradition during BMW Welt Jazz Award.

January 21, 2020: Andrea Hermenau Quintet

For many years, pianist, singer, percussionist and composer Andrea
Hermenau has been an constituent partial of Munich’s jazz scene. She
performs as partial of a Etna Quartet and a Fjoralba Turku Quartet,
in several ensembles of Harald Rüschenbaum, during Jerker Kluge’s Deep
Jazz, as partial of a contingent or, together with saxophonist Carolyn Breuer,
in their possess band. Surprisingly, she has usually available a single
plan underneath her possess name to date. Its name, however, matches this
year’s book of a BMW Welt Jazz Award perfectly. In “Splendours of
a Night” Hermenau organised and stoical pieces that for her
paint a strain of a night and stress a elegant qualities.
Playing as partial of a quintet alongside saxophonist Till Martin,
bassist Sven Faller, drummer Bastian Jütte and a American
vibraphonist Tim Collins, Hermenau creates her achieved harmonic
piano sound, her highly-developed clarity of rhythm, her passion for
southern European sounds and her reduced musical song.

February 11, 2020: Adam Bałdych Quartet

From an early age, Polish violinist Adam Bałdych was a celebrated
expert in his home nation and he launched his general career
during a proposal age of 16. Following his studies during a Berklee College
of Music, he founded his initial rope Damage Control and began
behaving during all a good festivals. In 2011, he was sealed by Siggi
Loch’s ACT tag and has given worked with pianists Yaron Herman, Iiro
Rantala and Helge Lien. Today, this mixed award-winning musician is
formed in New York and critics speak of his forlorn technique which
helped “redefine a sound of violins”. With his stream project
Sacrum Profanum Baldych earnings to his exemplary roots – together with
his Polish colleagues, pianist Krzysztof Dys, bassist Michal Baranski
and drummer Dawid Fortuna, he focusses on “sacral music” and a great
composers, from Gothic cryptic Hildegard von Bingen and Renaissance
composer Thomas Tallis to a contemporary Russian avant-garde
musician Sofia Gubaidukina.

February 18, 2020: Peter Gall Quintet

Born in Bad Aibling and formed in Berlin, Peter Gall is one of
Germany’s many distinguished drummers and composers. He has been playing
alongside jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and countless singers
including Thomas Quasthoff, Jane Monheit, Kim Sanders, Jasmin
Tabatabai, Peter Fessler and a New York Voices as good as his
brother, pianist Chris Gall, while also being a tie during bands such
as Subtone and Robert Di Gioia’s Web Web. At a BMW Welt, Gall will
benefaction his initial manuscript as a rope leader. Paradox Dreambox is an
considerable kaleidoscope of complicated jazz sounds presented in
partnership with superb colleagues of a innovative German and
European jazz scenes. This includes Echo Jazz laureate, saxophonist
Wanja Slavin, Dutch guitar idol Reinier Baas, pianist Reiner Böhm,
personality of a endowment Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis, and a up-and-coming
bassist Felix Henkelhausen.

February 25, 2020: Reis/Demuth/Wiltgen

The tiny Duchy of Luxembourg is home to a new era of
musicians that successfully work on building a young, open European
jazz eccentric of a genre’s US-American strange style. One of the
movement’s many famous general member is a contingent of
pianist Michel Reis, bassist Marc Demuth and drummer Paul Wiltgen.
After any carrying worked on their possess successful projects, a three
musicians, who have famous any other given their propagandize days, formed
their contingent in 2011. The contingent has, given published, 3 critically
acclaimed albums; The many new being “Once In A Blue Moon”, which
will be presented during a BMW Welt. Bubbling over with ideas, the
trio’s manuscript presents surprising, retaining strain that excites its
audiences and is carried by a assured interpretation of a 3 musicians.

March 10, 2020: Giovanni Guidi Quintet

When attending his jazz lectures as a teenager, pianist Giovanni
Guidi was detected by trumpeter Enrico Rava, Italy’s jazz icon, and
he has been Rava’s accompanist on a piano ever since. In serve to
a indirect fame, Guidi continued to benefit general recognition
for projects of his own. Together with bassist Joe Rehmer and
Portuguese drummer João Lobo Guidi performs as a contingent – for his
stream programme “Avec le temps”, however, he combined dual prominent
names of a Italian jazz stage to his ensemble, woodwind player
Francesco Bearzatti and guitarist Roberto Cecchetto. The quintet,
that Guidi jokingly calls “the inferno” on comment of a potential,
favours impressionist, musical and bluesy sounds when profitable hommage
to a poet, composer and chansonnier Léo Ferré or a recently
defunct Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko.

This book of BMW Welt Jazz Award will once again suffer the
inexhaustible support of nmz and a Department of Cultural Affairs of the
City of Munich. For a initial time, a Munich hotel Bayerischer Hof
will be partner of a BMW Welt Jazz Award where a winners of the
public endowment will perform during a festival “Jazz Sommer 2020” hosted
by a hotel. Additionally, a radio hire egoFM will also be a new
partner who will be broadcasting all a concerts.

For serve questions greatfully contact:

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