Sustainable and dynamic: Audi trainees presenting environmental ideas during State Garden Show in Ingolstadt

“Plan, build, and benefaction a competition lane associated to a following themes: a environment, sustainability, and skills for children and teenagers.” This was a assignment given to trainees by a conduct of training in Nov 2019 for a plan during a State Garden Show in Ingolstadt. From a really beginning, a whole plan – from thought to judgment to doing – was totally in a hands of Audi’s trainees. The small routine of planning, coordinating, and organizing a plan was intensely perfectionist given during times a group enclosed some-more than a dozen immature people from opposite training programs, including business, automotive mechatronics, bodywork and automobile construction, toolmaking, painting, and IT.

The formula are as most value saying as they are forward-looking. The trainees will benefaction them during a State Garden Show in Ingolstadt during 3 opposite durations of time from a finish of Jul to a finish of Aug 2021 (from Jul 26 to 28, Aug 2 to 4, and Aug 23 to 26, respectively).

Everyone concerned is quite unapproachable of a Audi eKart that dual trainees, Daniel Hiesch and Emre Akkurt – who have given finished their training and work for a association as automotive mechatronics engineers – built as partial of a project. Rahel Frey, a veteran competition automobile motorist for Audi Sport, has already tested a Audi eKart – that can strike speeds of adult to 140 kilometers per hour and has a operation of 100 kilometers – on a competition track, saying: “Impressive, interjection for a opportunity!” (link: The dual designers are also satisfied: “Everything usually worked out perfectly,” pronounced Akkurt. Indeed, their electric-powered go-kart is not usually sustainably done from recycled element – including a used dungeon procedure from an Audi e-tron – though is also intensely quick and maneuverable.

The pattern and construction of a competition track, that has a hole of 90 meters, was no reduction complex. This is where kids (aged 4 to 10) get to expostulate a eKart’s “little sibling,” a Audi e-tron Racer. In these go-karts, a engine’s speed has been reduced to compare a immature drivers, creation a vehicles quite easy and protected to drive. The “big sibling,” a super-fast eKart built by a trainees themselves, will also be on arrangement and can be dignified during a booth.

The lane is planted with immature oaks, charcoal trees, beech trees, and alders, that will continue to grow in a opposite place after a event. Together with a Audi Environmental Foundation, a trainees have already designed a plan to reforest local forests.

The trainees scheduled early and late shifts to benefaction a competition lane during a eventuality over a duration of several weeks, designed out a pattern with plants and wooden borders, and concurrent a travel and construction on their own. To safeguard that a children can also learn something and win something before or after their float in a Audi e-tron Racer, a trainees built a circle of happening from a rim.

“Organizing a change complement was a formidable process,” reported Lucas Papke, who is in his initial year of training as an automotive mechatronics technician. After all, 7 trainees will be bustling during a eventuality in dual shifts any day for a sum of 9 days of activities over a duration of several weeks – on some days from 6 in a morning to 6 in a evening. Nevertheless, he summed things adult as follows: “The whole plan has been a lot of fun.”

The project’s second second-life product – an insect hotel in a splendid yellow Audi S3 – is also sketch admiring comments. To build it, a trainees separate an aged indication down a center and cut it apart, took out a pointy objects, commissioned a vast retard of wood, and put a yellow hood on a new insect habitat. A solar energy complement is also built into this roof to exclusively energy a back lights of a insect hotel. The trainees grown a wiring and program for a lighting complement themselves. “It’s already incited out great,” commented one of a people involved, Nico Swiontek, who is in his second year of training as a bodywork and automobile construction mechanic.

Similarly, a trainers have zero though regard for a trainees. “The formula of a plan are outstanding,” pronounced Matthias Beck, conduct of automotive record training. He highlighted a resources of ideas and a beginning on a partial of Audi’s trainees in conceptualizing a competition track, given as he explained, a trainees designed and managed a whole judgment of training children about e-mobility, sustainability, and biodiversity all by themselves. The trainees also worked prolonged hours on a plan with unusual loyalty in further to their common duties: “We’re exemplifying a joining to amicable and environmental causes – and doing so with extensive group spirit,” praised tutor Thomas Seemann. “Overall, a formula are outstanding. Kudos!”