Sustainability as a essential dimension of performance

Sebastian, you’ve been a member of a government group during Audi Sport GmbH given a initial of March. Politicians are traditionally asked to yield an initial comment after 100 days in office. What was this duration of time like for you?

Sebastian Grams: I’m a local of Heilbronn in Germany and began my career here during Audi 20 years ago in a margin of expostulate development. we can guarantee we that there isn’t a child in this shred who doesn’t dream of operative during Audi Sport. Like everybody on a team, I’m a opening fan and intensely ardent about technology. Our thought is to pull a boundary of what’s probable – that’s what Audi Sport is all about. And I’m certain that this will continue to be a box in a future.

Speaking of limits, what do we consider it takes to mangle new ground?

Sebastian Grams: Change begins, initial and foremost, in a mind. Our thought in a high-performance shred is to redefine a destiny of personal travel and make it an even some-more romantic experience. One thing this will take is bravery – a bravery to demeanour during things from totally opposite angles, and in doing so to try new approaches that will continue to pleasure a business in a future. We recently launched a RS e-tron GT – a initial all-electric RS and a unequivocally initial all-electric high-performance indication – and so denounced a totally new, rarely romantic side of a RS family.

And this entrance from a mouth of an engineer. Rolf, as someone who works in sales, that contingency make your heart swell.

Rolf Michl: Indeed, we couldn’t have pronounced it improved myself! Our R and RS models play a pivotal purpose in a brand’s sporty image. With this specific segment, we’re targeting a unequivocally demanding, tech-savvy business that places a top final on opening and design, though also on bearing for bland use and customizability – this is a shred with poignant expansion intensity for us.

In 2020, we available a 16 percent boost in sales notwithstanding a coronavirus pestilence – a judicious effect of rising a new models in pivotal sales regions such as Europe, North America, and China, though also in abroad markets such as Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The interest of a high-performance vehicles has a certain impact on how a whole code is perceived. This has been quite conspicuous following a launch of a RS 6 Avant, RS 7 Sportback, and RS Q8, that are posting superb sales numbers notwithstanding formidable marketplace conditions. Our models have always been and continue to be dream cars – all over a world!

The universe you’re articulate about is changing during a impulse – consider substructure and digitization. Is this also carrying an impact on people’s thought of what constitutes a dream car?

Rolf Michl: It goes though observant that we’re saying changes and we are intensively examining a megatrends and marketplace developments that have an impact on a customers’ reasons for selling and their notice of luxury. The aspect of sustainability adds a essential component to opening – opposite from what we’ve seen in a past, though unequivocally fascinating!

Sebastian formerly mentioned a RS e-tron GT: a ardent matter opposite uniformity. It delivers adult to 475 kW (646 PS) of sum energy and 830 Nm sum torque. Its acceleration is implausible and is certain to wow even a many doubtful critics – this is another miracle for us as we enter a new epoch of all-electric high opening that appeals to both a constant long-time business and new customers.

Acceleration is one thing, though many still associate opening with a considerable sound of a vast explosion engine.

Rolf Michl: This is accurately where we’re saying a biggest change. Customers selling for an all-electric high-performance indication are apparently looking for well-developed performance, though they also prioritize sustainability and creation an understatement. Quiet is a new loud! The digital e-tron competition sound complement uses real-time information on a speed of a electric motors and other parameters to copy a sound of a expostulate complement in operation in an authentically pointed way. The motorist can cgange a sound characteristics around customization options in a Audi expostulate name system. This means we can expostulate sensitively by your area and unequivocally let it slice in standard RS conform when a conditions allows.

A totally new kind of high performance. Sebastian, can we tell us some-more about Audi Sport GmbH’s substructure strategy?

Sebastian Grams: A transparent and systematic substructure devise is a substructure of a company’s destiny viability. We began a routine of electrifying a Audi Sport models with a explosion engines. The RS 6 Avant, RS 7 Sportback, and RS Q8 combine absolute 4.0-liter V8 biturbo TFSI engines with 48-volt amiable hybrid systems and cylinder on direct technology. Future indication generations will take a RS operation one step further, with high-performance plug-in variety and all-electric powertrains.

E-mobility opens adult totally new measure in pushing dynamics – think, for example, of a entirely non-static energy placement of a electric quattro expostulate with torque vectoring. Spearheading a pull into a age of high-performance e-mobility will be a entirely electric models such as a RS e-tron GT.

Rolf, from a sales perspective, can we already yield us with specific sum of a subsequent stairs in this roadmap?

Rolf Michl: We design to offer some-more than half of a high-performance models in partially or entirely electrified form as early as 2024. And by 2026, this figure will expected even be as high as 80 percent.We wish to offer a business a right products and services for their specific markets and segments. This ranges from a substructure of a extended spectrum of vehicles around mild-hybrid record to a coherence of plug-in variety and a singular pushing knowledge of all-electric cars. We still see poignant intensity in a high-performance SUV shred in many markets. By a finish of a decade, we devise to usually offer electrified models in a high-performance shred – in other difference all-electric vehicles and high-performance plug-in hybrids.

Let’s interpretation by returning to a enlightenment of change mentioned during a beginning. Sebastian, where do we trust a biggest event in this mutation lies?

Sebastian Grams: A mutation of this bulk is not a one-man show. We’re operative intensely sexually on this as a team. Change always represents a good opportunity. In this process, we’re encouraged to rise new solutions faster than others and to exercise them courageously. Here during Audi Sport, a thought is to emanate a destiny of mobility in a high-performance shred – a sustainable, on-going and digital future. We know that a business have high final and are usually confident with a best products.