New prolongation record for Audi R8 LMS

The near-production competition automobile shares half of a assemblies with a road-legal indication and is partly built in a Böllinger Höfe comforts during a Neckarsulm site. Assembly afterwards takes place during a Audi Sport patron racing seminar in a Biberach district of Heilbronn. Its modernized framework pattern with a element brew of aluminum, CFRP and steel, high trustworthiness and careful handling conditions are only some of a pivotal facilities of a R8 LMS. In a growth of a expansion used given 2019, Audi has increasingly taken into comment patron requests per using times and drivability.

Adding adult a initial and second generations of a Audi R8 LMS, a sum of 275 GT3 sports cars have been built. To date, they have clinched 188 racing titles in several categories in America, Europe, Asia and a Pacific segment with Australia and New Zealand. The sum is dull off by 13 altogether victories in 24-hour races and 8 in 12-hour competitions, and serve long-distance successes. On both a sporting and blurb level, this creates Audi Sport a leader. Beyond a GT3 model, a code has dual additional racing variants of a R8 in a GT2 and GT4 models. Of these, a sum of over 100 additional GT competition cars have been built to date. The RS 3 LMS furloughed car, that has been accessible in a second era given this year, rounds off a broad-based indication portfolio of Audi Sport patron racing.