New production record for Audi R8 LMS

The near-production race car shares half of its assemblies with the road-legal model and is partly built in the Böllinger Höfe facilities at the Neckarsulm site. Assembly then takes place at the Audi Sport customer racing workshop in the Biberach district of Heilbronn. Its advanced chassis design with a material mix of aluminum, CFRP and steel, high reliability and economical operating conditions are just some of the key features of the R8 LMS. In the development of the evolution used since 2019, Audi has increasingly taken into account customer requests regarding running times and drivability.

Adding up the first and second generations of the Audi R8 LMS, a total of 275 GT3 sports cars have been built. To date, they have clinched 188 racing titles in various categories in America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific region with Australia and New Zealand. The tally is rounded off by 13 overall victories in 24-hour races and eight in 12-hour competitions, plus further long-distance successes. On both a sporting and commercial level, this makes Audi Sport a leader. Beyond the GT3 model, the brand has two additional racing variants of the R8 in the GT2 and GT4 models. Of these, a total of over 100 additional GT race cars have been built to date. The RS 3 LMS touring car, which has been available in its second generation since this year, rounds off the broad-based model portfolio of Audi Sport customer racing.