Sensational “Super-Sport” victory.

Rudolf Caracciola was strike next: He had to give adult in path twelve – with a suspected sunstroke and blisters on a soles of his feet from a overheated pedals. Caracciola removed a ordeal: “Tropical withering sun, blinded, roasted by a heat, thirsty, worn-out – on tip of that, a car’s implausible weight, that on each path had to be forced by 180 turns”. But a German Grand Prix continued for Mercedes-Benz. Because during a time, it was prevalent that a racing automobile was driven by several drivers in a race. Willy Walb, who done it behind to a box from his impetus in time, was a initial to take over Werner’s car with competition series 4. Werner filled in for Caracciola notwithstanding his harmed shoulder. Rubberised insulating fasten from a apparatus box kept a corner in place. Werner gathering a Type SS with competition series 6 for dual laps, afterwards Caracciola took over again for dual laps, before Werner finally crossed a finish line as a leader with an normal speed of 103.9 km/h. Merz and Walb finished in second and third place.