Toyota AI Ventures Launches Call for Innovation to Fund Robotics Startups Focused on Mobile Manipulation

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Jul 12, 2018  – Silicon Valley-based try collateral organisation Toyota AI Ventures unveiled a global “call for innovation” today in partnership with a Toyota Research Institute (TRI). Designed to coax entrepreneurial creation by identifying pivotal record gaps, a beginning uses a call-and-response proceed to offer earnest startups a event to secure from $500,000 to $2 million in try collateral appropriation from Toyota AI Ventures, as good as a probability of partnering on a explanation of judgment plan with TRI.


The initial call, grown in and with TRI’s world-class robotics group, focuses on improving mobile plan record for assistive robots that can assistance people in and around a home. Future calls might residence record hurdles in other areas that TRI is operative on as partial of a investigate in robotics and programmed driving, such as perception, appurtenance learning, or simulation.


“With a call for innovation, we’re looking for talented, devoted entrepreneurs that are confidant adequate to solve some of a toughest problems, and move them to market,” pronounced Jim Adler, handling executive of Toyota AI Ventures. “A startup might be operative on technologies for a associated product, or an businessman might have been wanting to start a association though she hasn’t finished so yet. We wish this call will inspire innovators to take a plunge.”


Since rising an initial $100 million account a year ago to deposit in early-stage startups focused on synthetic comprehension (AI), cloud, data, unconstrained mobility, and robotics, Toyota AI Ventures has fast grown a portfolio. To date, a organisation has announced 11 portfolio companies, including Blackmore, Boxbot, Connected Signals, Intuition Robotics, Joby Aviation, May Mobility, Metawave, Nauto, Realtime Robotics, and SLAMcore. Its many new investment, announced today, is in, a robotics and AI association that is building messenger robots that aim to change caring and wellness by enhancing a peculiarity of tellurian life.


This initial call for creation is open to hardware and program startups around a universe that have: (1) lifted reduction than $3 million in funding; (2) can denote their resolution around a operative prototype; and (3) have a clever business indication to broach value to customers. Examples of mobile plan solutions in hardware embody safe, lightweight arms; grippers designed for common daily tasks; and technologies for improved pleasing sensing. Software solutions could embody ways to recompense for lower-precision, lower-fidelity hardware; algorithms to learn from or explain data; and ways to request lessons schooled from simulation.


“Robotics is starting to have a large impact in industrial automation, though we see a opening when it comes to assistive robotics in and around a home,” explained Max Bajracharya, executive of robotics during TRI and conduct of a Mobile Manipulation Technology team. “There’s a need for innovative technologies and business models that will assistance us get to a ultimate idea of creation robots that are safe, affordable, and useful for bland people.”


Toyota AI Ventures is usurpation applications for this call for creation now by a finish of October, and submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Qualified startups will be evaluated on a basement of their team, technology, business model, and go-to-market strategy, and will be theme to customary industry before any investment is made.


Innovators are speedy to learn some-more and request on a Toyota AI Ventures website.



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