Porsche Brand Ambassador Maria Sharapova assured forward of a WTA Championships


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“I’m feeling unequivocally strong”

 Porsche Brand Ambassador Maria Sharapova during a gift celebration of Porsche Asia Pacific in Singapore This entrance Monday sees a start of a WTA Championships in Singapore with a year’s 8 many successful women players. Maria Sharapova, who this season, in further to triumphing during a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, also won a French Open, a contest in Madrid and a China Open in Beijing, is rarely assured going into a end-of-season highlight. “I’m vehement to get a contest underneath way,” pronounced a Porsche Brand Ambassador, who was benefaction during a gift celebration organized by Porsche Asia Pacific in Singapore, when we interviewed her: “After my wins this year, I’m feeling unequivocally strong.”

Maria, a days before a season’s prominence are a good event to demeanour back. How has your deteriorate been? What were a highlights?

“I’m unequivocally unapproachable of my opening in 2014 so distant – winning both a French Open and a China Open progressing this month were honeyed victories.”

Which success in 2014 was your many critical and what creates it so special?

“My feat during a French Open felt unequivocally superb – reduction than a year before we had been battling behind from a shoulder injury, that takes a lot of positivity and perseverance. Through a lot of tough work and some sacrifices we was means not usually to recover my rank, though also to leave Paris as a champion – that was impossibly rewarding.”

Are a WTA Championships so critical for a players since holding partial is a prerogative for a performances over a whole season?

“I consider all of a women players demeanour brazen to a WTA Championships. We’re so mostly fixated on any particular tournament, a subsequent match, a subsequent serve.nbsp; It’s unequivocally critical to take a step behind and inspect your opening via a deteriorate as a whole and weigh what went good and where alleviation is needed.”

How are we feeling and how do we see your chances in Singapore?

“Coming off of a China Open, I’m feeling unequivocally clever and vehement to get a contest underneath way. Singapore is unequivocally a perfection of a good year of tennis with some tough competitors, and we feel good.”