MAN a tellurian personality in meridian protection


Top mark in a Carbon Disclosure Project’s index

MAN has again scored tip outlines for a joining to environmental insurance and opposite meridian change. The Company has been listed in a Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) organization’s many critical meridian insurance index worldwide. With 97 out of a probable 100 points in a Climate Disclosure Leadership Index and an A category in a Climate Performance Leadership Index, MAN even cumulative a tip mark in a “Industrials” sector.

The CDP analysts generally appreciated a Company’s efforts to exercise a meridian strategy. In it, MAN has set itself a aim of slicing CO2 emissions during a prolongation sites by 25% (compared with a bottom year of 2008) by 2020. MAN already saved over 77,000 tons of hothouse gas emissions in 2013, that is 14% rebate than 2008. This outcome is due to a vast series of measures, that embody some-more fit prolongation technologies, optimized heating and movement systems, and a use of renewable appetite sources as good as era of a possess appetite and acceptance of a foundry during a Augsburg site in line with a ISO 50 001 appetite government standard.  

MAN’s product portfolio offers it a biggest precedence for shortening tellurian CO2 emissions. It is for this reason that a Company is concentrating on invariably shortening a resources that a products consume, boosting a efficiency, and shortening a CO2 emissions. One instance of this is a TGX EfficientLine 2 that MAN presented recently during a IAA Commercial Vehicles trade satisfactory in Hanover that is a new book of a long-haul lorry indication that is designed to consistently save fuel and CO2. The vehicle’s facilities embody a active GPS-controlled journey control EfficientCruise and saves 6.6 percent some-more fuel again compared with a predecessor, that was really fit anyhow. In a area of gas-driven appetite plant engines, MAN Diesel Turbo is environment new standards with a 35/44G: with an electrical potency of 47.3%, a 10.6 MW engine is a many fit engine in a class. 

As MAN SE’s Chief Human Resources Officer Jochen Schumm explains: “Climate change is one of a biggest hurdles confronting mankind. MAN is unwavering of a shortcoming to play a partial in shortening tellurian CO2 emissions in a travel and appetite sector. We have taken this plea on in a Climate Strategy. Through a Carbon Disclosure Project, we have managed to yield prominence into a hothouse gas emissions and work serve on shortening them in a products and during a sites. The CDP endowment has done us really unapproachable given this approval for a work in a margin of sustainability is a success for a whole team.”

Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of a Carbon Disclosure Project, says: “Global hothouse gas emissions continue to arise and we face high financial risk if we do not lessen them. The business box for movement to lessen meridian change has never been stronger or some-more urgent. For this reason we honour those businesses that have scored an A category in a CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index. These companies are responding to marketplace direct for environmental burden and during a same time are creation swell towards a fulfilment of tolerable economies.”

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project is an independent, not-for-profit classification that manages a world’s largest database for company-related environmental information. Commissioned by 767 institutional investors with resources value 87 billion US dollars, a CDP motivates listed companies worldwide to share their climate-related association information with a CDP. The CDP provides a collateral markets with a data. To this end, a CDP awards a rating to assistance investors with their decisions. It essentially focuses on a CO2 government and a rebate targets together with measures and success. The CDP also assesses a emissions information of a particular companies. The outcome are Leadership indices that list a best companies. The aim is for low CO2 emissions to be viewed as a pivotal business and success cause in companies. The CDP has been handling in Germany given 2006.