On a arise of a IAA engine show, a BMW Group sends out a absolute visible matter about sustainability, a round economy and electromobility. A light uncover projects trailblazing messages onto a BMW domicile – a Four-Cylinder.

Munich. Tonight a fantastic light uncover will light
adult a façade of a BMW Group domicile in Munich on a occasion
of a IAA Mobility 2021. Four opposite animations addressing the
transition to destiny mobility will be projected on a world-famous
architectural idol that is made like a four-cylinder engine. The BMW
Group’s stream messages will be conveyed by a 99-metre-high
building in a form of strenuously expressive, brightly coloured
charcterised sequences. Head of BMW Brand Communication and Experience,
Stefan Ponikva, emphasises a sold stress of a BMW
Tower and a significance of this campaign: “The Four-Cylinder is the
architectural idol of a BMW Group and a particular landmark in the
city of Munich. We’re penetrating to send out a absolute vigilance to a world
in support of a tolerable prophesy for a round economy.”

“The BMW Group continues to revoke a CO2 emissions and
is consistently expanding a round economy: technological
advancements and innovative expostulate will capacitate us to tackle today’s
hurdles together. That’s a undeniable mission. And we intend to
denote it during a IAA Mobility 2021,” says Alexander Bilgeri, Head
of Strategy, Services, Media House, Market Communications Europe,
China during BMW.

Cycle of 4 animations focuses on a BMW Group’s round economy

The several sequences on a cylinder-shaped façade visualize a BMW
Group’s approaches to CO2 reduction, meridian neutrality and
a round economy over a whole lifecycle of an automobile. From
low-impact descent of tender materials and energy-efficient production
by to limit potency during a patron use proviso and
recycling during a finish of a product’s lifetime.

A method of opposite projections illustrates this cycle,
showcasing a round economy – a BMW Group’s running thesis during the
IAA 2021 – as good as a company’s accomplishments to date in the
foundation of a vehicles and a use of innovations such as
those in a area of digitalisation. One of a animations visualises
a transition from a explosion engine to electric mobility:
starting with a practical up-and-down transformation of pistons to portray
a explosion routine in a cylinders, this afterwards transforms into
charming pulsating battery cells, finally announcing a status
“Fully Charged”. Another method is dedicated to a circular
economy. At a commencement of this animation, a building bombard of the
Four-Cylinder Tower appears to melt, after that a inside of the
cylinders fills with glass metal. From a vortex, a silhouette
gradually emerges of a “BMW i Vision Circular” – a investigate vehicle
being premiered during a IAA that symbolises a BMW Group’s extensive
imagination in a round economy. The following difference seem during the
finish of this sequence: “WELCOME TO IAA. LET’S RE:IMAGINE TODAY.”

Film song creator and Academy Award leader Hans Zimmer provides the
low-pitched credentials for a light show; a sound partnership was
realised by Remote Control Productions, one of Zimmer’s companies.

Over 16 million pixels from 36 projectors make a Tower light up

The premiere of a light uncover for a IAA will start tonight during 9:30
pm and serve projections are designed for a days to come. Involving
36 projectors with over 16 million pixels, a uncover consists of the
4 animations being projected in period on 3 sides of the
building’s façade. The finish array of 4 illuminations lasts
about 4 and a half minutes. The uncover afterwards starts again, finally
finale for a day during 11 pm. Visitors have a quite impressive
perspective of this singular enlightenment from BMW Welt and a BMW Museum. For
a generation of a IAA Mobility 2021, other open events relating to
a mobility of a destiny will be hold during these and other locations
around a BMW domicile and also in a city centre of Munich.
With a new “Open Space” eventuality concept, a IAA leaves a exhibition
halls for a initial time to rivet in contention with adults on the
thesis of destiny mobility. One instance of this is a BMW Circular
Lab, where visitors can learn a destiny of tolerable mobility
underneath a sign “RE:THINK, RE:USE, RE:DUCE and RE:CYCLE”. The BMW
Group’s whole trade satisfactory participation during a IAA Mobility 2021 is based
on a running thesis of sustainability. But nowhere is this message
brought to life some-more vividly than on a brightly illuminated BMW
Four-Cylinder soaring into Munich night sky.