Audi Hungaria: 40 Million Engines – from Győr to a World

“The prolongation plant in Győr is a pivotal post of a Audi Group’s general prolongation network, creation vital contributions to a success of a Group with a fit processes, appealing product operation and glorious team. As a result, Audi Hungaria has gained an glorious repute in a prolongation of engines and electric drives in new years, and will consistently keep on a trail it has embarked on,” pronounced Peter Kössler, Board Member for Production and Logistics of AUDI AG.

“As a world’s inaugural engine manufacturer, Audi Hungaria has scarcely 30 years of knowledge in a prolongation of fit explosion engines, and as on 2018, we are now expanding into electric drives as well. The execution of a 40 millionth engine is nonetheless some-more explanation of a glorious performance. we am unapproachable of a Audi Hungaria team. Their high turn of veteran imagination and loyalty is what guarantees a preparedness for any destiny challenges,” combined Alfons Dintner, Chairman of a Board of Management of Audi Hungaria.

Four-cylinder Otto engines done adult a largest suit of a 40 million engines done by Audi Hungaria, with over 19 million constructed in total. Four-cylinder diesel engines took second place, with over 11 million units, while a six-cylinder Otto engine models done adult roughly 4.5 million units of a 40 million engines made in Győr.

“This is a epoch of transitioning to electromobility, and we need cutting-edge technology, determined veteran imagination and a dedicated group to successfully take on a arriving challenges. Here during Audi Hungaria, each cause is in place to pledge a continued success. My group and we mount prepared to furnish a subsequent 40 million engines, from Győr to a world,” pronounced Robert Buttenhauser, Member of a Board of Directors of Audi Hungaria and Director for Engine Production.

In a suggestion of electromobility, Audi Hungaria has been prolongation electric drives for 3 years now, and is already creation preparations to make a subsequent era of electric motors. In a future, a electric powertrains for a Group’s quite electric models will be made in Győr, and will be formed on a Premium Platform Electric (PPE) height grown in team-work with Porsche. A 15,000-square-metre area has been set adult in an existent prolongation gymnasium for prolongation a new engines. 700 employees will be concerned in a array production. In further to powertrain production, a series of additional components such as stators and gearbox components for a new era of e-motors will also be made here.

The story of engine prolongation during Audi Hungaria began in 1994, with a four-cylinder, five-valve unit. Its engine prolongation portfolio has been invariably expanding since, with a introduction of new engine forms such as CNG engines and electric drives. Audi Hungaria has now grown to turn a largest engine manufacturer in a world. The company’s employees make roughly dual million engines annually for a Volkswagen Group’s 38 car factories worldwide.