Nissan: The Autonomous Road to Silicon Valley


SUNNYVALE, Calif. Silicon Valley is a crossroads of technological innovation, academic research, start up investment, governmental and aerospace advancement, as well as home to the Renault-Nissan Research Center, where the Alliance can plug into the talents and resources to push the boundaries of mobility.

Early in the new year it was also the host for an Alliance Innovation Tour, which brought out media, Alliance executives and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to experience the latest in Autonomous Drive technology and learn about the road map to 2020.

The Research Center brings the Alliance closer to the ecosystem that is leading tech advances in the 21st Century, with autonomous mobility, connected cars, and zero-emission vehicles among key areas in focus.


Media took autonomous stints on the streets and highways of Silicon Valley, meeting with those behind the technologies as well as speaking with executives directing the adoption across multiple cars in the Alliance.

Participants experienced a hands-off ride with the latest in autonomous merge and recognition technologies, as well as a quick tour of the area that features tech and telecom giants as neighbors in an increasingly connected and autonomous car era.


Renault-Nissan to launch more than 10 vehicles with autonomous drive technology
over the next four years


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