Nissan: Hands-free: What it’s like to “Drive” an unconstrained expostulate automobile – by Carlos Ghosn

In his latest LinkedIn Influencer post, Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn describes what it’s like to “drive” an unconstrained expostulate car. Read all of Ghosn’s LinkedIn posts here.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Today, we gifted a unusual, stirring prodigy of roving in a driver’s chair of an autonomous-drive automobile as it navigated a streets of Sunnyvale in California’s Silicon Valley.

The automobile is an modernized antecedent Infiniti Q50 sedan able of doing formidable city driving. It has a special California registration for unconstrained expostulate vehicles, and we had to accept a special state assent to work it hands-free.

What struck me was how fast we grew gentle as a automobile uniformly and safely negotiated a suburban streets, including intersections and unenlightened traffic. Accompanied by a Nissan engineer, we simply set a destination, put a automobile in unconstrained expostulate mode, and off we went – safely, though a hitch.


We went on both a turnpike and city streets; there were times when other drivers cut in on us, though never did we feel threatened. Each time a automobile expected a other car’s pierce and reacted appropriately.

As we mentioned in a recent post, cars that can change lanes on their own, negotiate city streets and hoop a grind of stop-and-go trade are entrance soon. In fact, a Renault-Nissan Alliance has committed to launch during slightest 10 models with poignant unconstrained expostulate functionality by 2020.

As these technologies advance, a automobile attention has an rare event to make a roads most safer while giving drivers a reduction stressful and some-more prolific travelling experience.

Today (January 5), we will benefaction a prophesy of an unconstrained and connected destiny during a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. You can watch it live here.

These technologies are vicious to understanding with a destiny in that a race is fast aging and a series of megacities of some-more than 10 million people is on a rise. Every day, some-more than 8,000 baby boomers spin 65 in a United States.

Autonomous-drive cars will assistance comparison drivers get around safely most serve into their comparison years. They also reason a intensity to assistance palliate civic congestion, urge trade management, and make a roads distant safer.

But what we trust will win over drivers – even those of us who adore to expostulate – is a fact that unconstrained expostulate and connectivity record will give us behind some time to use some-more productively. After all, nobody enjoys negotiating stop-and-go trade on a clogged expressway.

The normal motorist spends dual hours in a automobile any day travelling to and from work, propagandize and other destinations. Imagine if we could get behind this time to make yourself some-more prolific by holding partial in a video conference, checking your email or to only relax by examination a favorite party program.

Many of today’s cars already are versed with several building blocks for unconstrained expostulate technologies, including lane-departure prevention, brazen puncture braking, and softened reserve sensors. With roughly each automaker now building these technologies, we are going to see advancements come in fast succession.

It is critical to make a eminence between unconstrained expostulate facilities that will be introduced in a subsequent few years, and entirely autonomous, driverless cars, a mass selling of that will come later.

At a Alliance, a plan is to hurl out autonomous-drive record in 4 stages.

Stage 1 is unconstrained expostulate on singular lanes. Nissan launched this theatre in Aug with a introduction of ProPILOT record for single-lane use on highways. It is being offering primarily on a Nissan Serena family minivan in Japan and has been utterly popular: Fully 60 percent of Serena business have opted for it.

Stage 2 is unconstrained expostulate for multilane highway pushing with line changes by 2018, and Stage 3 is unconstrained city driving, that we design by 2020.

The fourth theatre is a totally driverless automobile – no one even needs to be inside it; a automobile drives itself with no need for tellurian intervention.

Already there are tiny fleets of driverless taxis, or “robotaxis,” being tested in singular areas of a few cities around a world.

But a record still needs to be polished in a impassioned conditions to that cars are infrequently exposed. In addition, regulators and lawmakers in many opposite jurisdictions will need to put in place a new laws and regulations required to assent a widespread use of driverless cars.

Of course, we commend people will always wish a choice to expostulate on their own. Our office of this new record isn’t about giving adult pushing – rather, we wish to give consumers a choice to confirm when, where, and for how prolonged they wish to drive.

But we can tell we this: Once you’ve gifted a automobile that drives itself, we will feel like we have stepped into a future.


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