Many of us lead really bustling lives, and some days can be difficult. There’s no time for us to locate a exhale or chill out in front of a TV. We’re too bustling to accommodate adult with friends for cooking or see a film. But for some of us, staying bustling is a lifestyle, fuelled by passion. That positively describes Cindy Cloutier of Mont-Laurier, Quebec. Her days are filled with family, work, gripping fit and indulging her passion for horses. Luckily, she has a Ford F-Series Super Duty to assistance her take on all a hurdles that life sends her way.

Like horses and farming, Ford trucks are a passion that’s handed down from era to generation. Cindy is unapproachable to expostulate a 2014 Super Duty F-450 Lariat. Her hermit also has a Ford, as did their father and grandfather before them. The Super Duty is ideal for doing tough jobs around a farm. Cindy doesn’t stop for a mangle really often, and even yet she gets sleepy infrequently (don’t we all), she wouldn’t change her life for anything in a world. She’s a dynamic lady who never backs down from a plea and always reaches her goals. She’s driven around a US in her Super Duty and excelled in a tub races. She also won a championship during a St-Tite Western Festival in 2015.

Cindy’s Ford lorry accompanies her, her mom and her daughter from rodeo to rodeo. Cindy racks adult scarcely 40,000 km per year only to take partial in competitions. Each time, she brings along a trailer that includes a vital space, along with room for her horses. All in all, she hauls tighten to 10 tons opposite Canada and a US. And interjection to a unbeatable energy of her Power Stroke diesel engine, she pulls it off easily, even when going adult hills.

Cindy’s family is executive to her accomplishments. Her three-year-old daughter accompanies her on several equestrian adventures, while her boyfriend, who’s also a teacher, lives his passion alongside her. According to Cindy, holding caring of horses is really demanding, generally in a box of her champion mare Aligria, who’s also famous for being strong-minded. Fortunately, Cindy can rest on a useful assistance of her mother, who works as a respiratory therapist and runs a plantation with Cindy. Their report is jam-packed with things to repair, grain to bale, horses to brush, fences to repair and a million other tasks. Sure sounds like a lot of work!

Whether it’s her family, her students or her horses, Cindy likes for everybody to give it their best shot. She’s good wakeful that if we wish to enthuse others, there’s zero improved than environment an instance yourself. That’s because you’ll find her jogging, horseback roving or pushing her Super Duty. She’s a ideal instance of someone who shows unbeatable integrity and who never gives up.