2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 4: San Salvador de Jujuy

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2017 Dakar Rally

05 Jan 2017


2017 Dakar Rally – Stage 4:
San Salvador de Jujuy – Tupiza, 521 km


  • Hirvonen climbs to 3rd altogether after 2nd place finish in today’s stage
  • Przygonski 7th altogether forward of Terranova in 8th
  • Best ever theatre opening for Garafulic; now 9th overall


Munich. Stage 4 of a 2017 Dakar valid eventful today, yet
it was successful for many of a MINI competitors, with six
pairings stability to urge on their altogether position in the
standings notwithstanding a hurdles of this tough stage. A difficult
start to a 521km theatre for X-raid Team’s Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and
Michel Périn (FRA) in a #303 MINI John Cooper Works Rally automobile was
not demonstrative of a theatre as a whole. Having forsaken to
10th place during a initial checkpoint, a Finnish driver
fast regained gait with clever navigation support from his French
co-driver. The prerogative was 2nd place during a finish line in Tupiza to
pierce them adult to 3d overall.


Hirvonen said: “It was a good day yet also unequivocally difficult; difficult
navigation and afterwards we had silt dunes during 4,000 metres and they were
unequivocally high, even aloft than ones we saw recently in Abu Dhabi. It was
unequivocally formidable to get to a top, yet afterwards we always found the
traction and managed somehow to tackle them and Michel did a good job.
We fought all a approach by and did all we could with no mistakes so
all good and it went well.”


Jakub Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul (BEL) in a MINI ALL4 Racing
#316 also enjoyed a clever opening in today’s stage, that began
with a good early conflict that saw them strech waypoint 2 in fifth
position. However, it was formidable for a span to say their
advantage and they slipped behind somewhat to 7th place, yet a result
was still good adequate to pierce them serve adult a altogether standings
where they now lay in 6th. At 00:36:35 behind a fifth placed car
though, a MINI span still has a plea forward to grasp a top
5 Dakar result.


Przygonski: “It was a good theatre for us yet a commencement with the
high altitude on a silt dunes during 4,000 metres was unequivocally hard. I
worked with Tom good to find a easiest places to pass and we did
well; Tom’s navigation was unequivocally ideal and we enjoyed this stage.”


One of a genuine stars of currently was Boris Garafulic (ARG), who
available his best ever theatre finish in 7 Dakars with a support
of co-driver Filipe Palmeiro (POR). An extraordinary start saw a span pass
waypoint 2 in a warn third place before slipping behind gradually
via a theatre to secure a 9th place finish today. The
opening has increased Garafulic’s altogether position in a standings
to 9th – 8 places aloft than during a finish of yesterday’s stage!


Garafulic: “We had a good day. There were dunes we had never seen
before, even yet we am from Chile, yet these were unequivocally high and
also soft. we consider for anyone who didn’t have vital knowledge with
dunes, currently was a tough day yet we did ok.”


Following today’s attack, Garafulic is now only over 30 minutes
behind a #308 MINI John Cooper Works Rally of Orlando Terranova
(ARG) and co-driver Andreas Schulz (GER) who confirmed 8th
position on a personality house currently after a 10th place theatre finish.


Terranova: “It was a formidable theatre for us, we done a navigation
mistake and we couldn’t take a waypoint during a beginning. The dunes
were unequivocally formidable and a heat was high again. we started to
feel a small ill in a high altitude yet we continued.”


The high training bend continued for Mohamed Abu Issa (QAT) on his
entrance Dakar in a automobile with a assistance of co-driver Xavier Panseri (FRA)in
a #322 MINI ALL4 Racing. The span climbed 4 places altogether to
12th place today, after channel a finish line for the
theatre in a same position.


Abu Issa: “Today we were awaiting some soothing sand, of course, yet not
all a approach by and there were also some rocks in a beginning,
yet overtly a automobile was amazing. We had a unequivocally good day. Altitude
was good and a assistance from a doctors worked, so we consider it was my
best theatre today.”


Sylvio deBarros (BR) and Rafael Capoani (BR) now lay only outward the
tip ten, carrying changed from 18th altogether to 11th
interjection to today’s 15th place finish.


Just behind a span were Stephan Schott (GER) and Paulo Fiuza (POR)
in 16th who now pierce to 14th place overall.


Unfortunately,  X-raid Team’s Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) was forced to
repel currently after serious altitude illness done it unfit for
him and co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER) to continue in a #306 MINI
John Cooper Works Rally car. “I already felt bad before to a start
yet it goes but observant that we started into a special stage,
nevertheless,” Al-Rajhi suggested in a bivouac. “But with 190
kilometres lonesome we stopped and we had a rest for a while.
Nonetheless, a headache got worse and worse and so we opted for
timid from a special stage. But now we already am feeling far
improved again.” The pairing finished yesterday’s stage, finale in San
Salvador de Jujuy, in sixth place altogether and showed good guarantee for
a clever outcome in what is, arguably, a world’s many challenging
continuation race.


Tomorrow’s (06-01-2017) Stage 5 starts in Tupiza and completes in
Oruro, a sum stretch of 692 km.


2017 Dakar Rally: MINI Family standings altogether after Stage 4.









Mikko Hirvonen

Michel Périn (FRA)






Jakub Przygonski

Tom Colsoul (BEL)






Orlando Terranova

Andreas Schulz


X-raid Team




Boris Garafulic

Filipe Palmeiro


X-raid Team




Mohamed Abu Issa

Xavier Panseri


X-raid Team




Sylvio de Barros

Rafael Capoani (IT)






Stephan Schott

Paulo Fiuza (POR)