Lewis Hamilton: “Is there such a thing as perfect?”

Does that take divided from a enjoyment?

No, no, we adore that part. That’s since we generally don’t like contrast days – there’s no competition. It’s like when we get a new fondle and we have to build it: we don’t indispensably like a building part, we like to play with it.

When we final met, we asked we what a ideal path would feel like. You pronounced “It’s like personification PlayStation and chasing a spook automobile that’s right in front of you. If we can’t pass it, we competence strech it during slightest …”

When you’re chasing a clock, it’s like chasing a spook car: there’s a ideal spook that achieves a ideal time each singular lap, and we try to compare that. But a spook automobile doesn’t face a same issues we face in a genuine race, like someone entrance out of a array stop and being forward of you. When you’re doing a competition and we remove half a second in a corner, it hurts since infrequently it takes we 10, 15 laps only to benefit that half a second. Once we remove that, we think, “I only worked so hard.” You can maybe describe it to carrying income to compensate off your debt or compensate a rent, and afterwards we get your taxation bill. It’s painful.