Interview with Aino Laberenz

To me, those are essentially really opposite questions. The plan positively altered with me – usually as it altered me, too. With me and but Christoph Schlingensief it has left a possess ways. Although it would have been uncanny to me if this change didn’t happen. It is critical to me that while we presumably defend Christoph Schlingensief’s idea, we nonetheless above all also concentration in some-more fact on a whole implementation, on a people, on a place and all that. The Operndorf is meant to be a height for intercultural exchange, applicable discourses and artistic development, or rather it already is. In future, this is ostensible to come to a front most some-more strongly still: We wish to emanate something where people have honour for any other, where they rivet in an artistic and interpersonal sell and work together. The whole thing is not usually ostensible to be related to a specific place in Burkina Faso, it is also ostensible to emanate an homogeneous globe for us here in Germany.