Ingolstadt’s ice hockey group tests tip competition models from Audi

At a Audi Driving Experience Center in Neuburg on a Danube, ERC Ingolstadt’s veteran ice hockey organisation ran by a accumulation of training units with opposite Audi models. In 3 groups, a ice hockey pros initial had to master a motorist reserve training march on a soppy lane during a 30,000-square scale automobile dynamics exam area before being treated to a few lighting rounds around a doing march in a high-performance sports cars.

ERC manager Doug Shedden impressed

On a 2.2-kilometer circuit, instructors helped a players try to find a racing line in an Audi e-tron GT or an Audi RS e-tron GT. Manager Doug Shedden was tender by a electric sports car: “That was a good experience. You trust a automobile to always do what it should – and during that weight, too. Unbelievable. we am unequivocally vacant during how most fun that was. we had never driven an electric car, currently was a unequivocally good experience.”

Grand emotions pushing an Audi R8

The ERC players also had a eventuality to expostulate a few rounds on a circuit in an Audi R8 Coupé V10 performance. Former DTM commander Frank Schmickler supervised. Forward Mirko Höfflin summed adult a experience: “That was once in a lifetime for me, I’d never been on a competition circuit before – and in a automobile like that, too. The approach it binds to a highway is only second to none.” Forward Jerome Flaake was also impressed: “It was crazy, unequivocally good – we gathering on a closed-off lane once before, though never in a automobile like that. I’d take it as a association automobile any day.” At a same time, another organisation got an sense of a latest entirely electric automobile from AUDI AG, pushing a new Q4 e-tron on a streets of Neuburg.

New association cars for ERC Ingolstadt

After a event, a players strictly supposed their new association cars. The high-speed day was afterwards dull out with a barbecue. ERC will start a Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) 2020/2021 deteriorate with an divided diversion opposite a Bietigheim Steelers on Sep 10, 2021.