Travelling safely to your end with a “BMW Intermodal Companion @ IAA MOBILITY”.

Munich. Urban mobility is an critical destiny topic
for each automobile manufacturer. By 2030, some-more than 80% of all
people will live in cities. Ensuring mobility is a high priority for
a BMW Group. However, mobility in civic areas can usually attain by
mixing all mobility options. The BMW Group is therefore constantly
building new solutions for optimising mobility within cities and in
a regions. It is critical that particular mobility with your own
automobile can be total with other mobility options.


For a IAA, a BMW Group ensures that visitors will arrive during their
end in their BMW safely and but trade jams and also
equivocate nonessential inner-city traffic. The engineers of a BMW Group
have designed an “Intermodal Companion @ IAA MOBILITY” – an In-Car app
that offers visitors to a IAA several options, depending on their
track and destination. This automobile app uses geo-fencing technology,
that already ensures that hybrid vehicles of a BMW Group drive
entirely electrically in some-more than 80 European cities.


BMW business can register before to a IAA with their ConnectedDrive
comment around a website for a “Intermodal Companion
@ IAA MOBILITY”. It is afterwards uploaded to their automobile before a IAA
by an over-the-air ascent process.


Depending on their instruction of attainment and IAA destination, users of
a In-Car app can name several BMW multi-storey automobile parks and
parkride automobile parks in a city of Munich as parking and transfer
points. From there, they can simply strech their end during the
trade satisfactory or a Open Space. If intermodal attainment by public
ride is selected, users are automatically destined around a In-Car
app to one of a send points, where they can simply book a ticket
for a MVV (Munich open ride system) regulating a QR code.


In a future, multimodal apps and connectors to other mobility
providers will safeguard that mobility for BMW business in urban
environments is as well-spoken and basic as possible.


Vehicle requirements:


  • BMW automobile versed with active Connected Drive services
  • BMW automobile versed with on-board navigation system
  • BMW automobile with year of make 2018 or later


Link to “BMW Intermodal Companion @ IAA MOBILITY” registrationpage: