Honda Automobiles: Honda Introduces "Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem" during CES 2017

  • Collaborative arrangement highlights open innovation; offers intelligent, connected and fun mobility for a future
  • Honda Riding Assist, NeuV judgment mini-vehicle precedence Honda’s RD investments
  • Experiential demonstrations underline partners Visa, DreamWorks and some-more

Honda denounced a Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem judgment now during CES 2017 in Las Vegas, joining a appetite of synthetic intelligence, robotics and large information to renovate a mobility knowledge of a destiny and urge customers’ peculiarity of life. Featuring a series of antecedent and judgment record demonstrations during CES, a Honda judgment envisions a destiny where vehicles will promulgate with any other and infrastructure to lessen trade overload and discharge trade fatalities, while augmenting a capability of highway users and delivering new forms of in-vehicle party experiences. Vehicles will emanate new value by autonomously providing services when not in use by their owners.

Honda also announced collaborations with Visa, DreamWorks Animation and innovative start-ups by a Honda Developer Studio and Honda Xcelerator open origination programs formed out of Honda Silicon Valley Lab. Further, as partial of a bid to accelerate open innovation, Honda has determined a new URL for areas including AI, Big Data and Robotics. Interested companies and people can entrance a following URL:

Supporting a Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem theme, Honda introduced a Honda NeuV, an electric programmed mini-vehicle judgment versed with an synthetic comprehension (AI) “emotion engine”*1 and programmed personal assistant, formulating new possibilities for tellurian communication and new value for customers.

The tellurian mobility association also introduced Honda Riding Assist, a judgment motorcycle that relates Honda’s robotics record to say balance.  Visitors to Honda’s vaunt (LVCC, North Hall – 7312) also can knowledge firsthand Honda robotics record by “test-driving” a UNI-CUB, a company’s self-balancing personal mobility device.

“Since a founding, Honda has focused on formulating technologies that assistance people,” conspicuous Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, boss CEO of Honda RD Co., Ltd.  “Our thought is to showcase a destiny record trail that formula in a redefined mobility experience.”

Following is a outline of a product and record concepts Honda has on arrangement during CES:

Honda Riding Assist motorcycle
In a tellurian entrance during CES, Honda denounced a Riding Assist technology, that leverages Honda’s robotics record to emanate a self-balancing motorcycle that severely reduces a probability of descending over while a motorcycle is during rest. Rather than relying on gyroscopes, that supplement a good understanding of weight and change a roving knowledge as announced by other companies, a Honda Riding Assist motorcycle incorporates record creatively grown for a company’s UNI-CUB personal mobility device.

Honda NeuV
Designed to emanate new possibilities for customers, a NeuV (pronounced “new-v”), that stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle, is a judgment vehicle whose birth is formed on a fact that privately-owned vehicles lay idle 96 percent of a time. The NeuV explores a thought of how to emanate new value for a owners by functioning as an programmed float pity vehicle, picking adult and dropping off business during internal destinations when a owners is not regulating a car. The NeuV also can sell appetite behind to a electric grid during times of high direct when it’s not in use. These activities have a intensity to emanate a new business indication for brazen customers.

“We designed NeuV to turn some-more profitable to a owners by optimizing and monetizing a vehicle’s down time,” conspicuous Mike Tsay, principal designer, Honda RD Americas.

NeuV also functions as a courteous and useful AI partner utilizing an “emotion engine”, an rising record grown by Honda and SoftBank (cocoro SB Corp.). Called HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant), in a focus in a NeuV, a “emotion engine” will learn from a motorist by detecting a emotions behind a driver’s judgments and then, formed on a driver’s past decisions, make new choices and recommendations. HANA can check on a driver’s romantic well-being, make song recommendations formed on mood, and support a owner’s daily pushing routine.

The NeuV facilities a full hold row interface enabling both a motorist and newcomer to entrance a elementary and available user experience. The vehicle has dual seats, a storage area in back, and an electric skateboard for “last mile” transit. The NeuV also facilities superb external prominence around a headerless windshield and a dramatically tilted belt line that make maneuvering easy.

Safe Swarm
At CES, Honda launched a “Safe Swarm” concept, that utilizes bio-mimicry – replicating a function of a propagandize of fish – to emanate a safer, some-more fit and beguiling pushing experience. The Honda Safe Swarm explanation immerses visitors in a universe where vehicles pity a highway promulgate with one another regulating dedicated brief operation communication (DSRC) to support a motorist in negotiating formidable pushing situations.  The Safe Swarm judgment enables vehicles to work cooperatively, enabling some-more efficient, low-stress and, ultimately, collision-free mobility.

“The unconstrained age has dawned, and Honda, like all automakers, is operative to labour and allege this record to grasp a thought for a collision-free multitude in a 2040 timeframe,” conspicuous Frank Paluch, president, Honda RD Americas. “Using vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and sketch on large information and synthetic intelligence, Honda will work with others to emanate an sourroundings in that highway conditions are likely and managed, and collisions avoided.”

The Honda UNI-CUB arrangement enables CES attendees to knowledge a self-balancing personal mobility device that enables a seated supplement to control speed, pierce in any instruction and stop, all by simply changeable physique weight.  Earlier this year, a association non-stop a UNI-CUB’s API seeking to promote a origination of module that can control a device from a smartphone and other devices, that would yield a intensity to enhance a value and functionality for people. This expands on a UNI-CUB’s strange system, that now allows a seated supplement to control speed, pierce in any instruction and stop, all by simply changeable physique weight. With a ability to openly pierce forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally, UNI-CUB can fast and simply scheme among people.

Open Innovation and Collaboration
Continuing a office of open origination and collaboration, Honda also announced initiatives with entrepreneurs, startups and tellurian tech brands around a Honda Silicon Valley Lab.

  • Visa – Building on their mobile remuneration partnership during final year’s Mobile World Congress, Honda is conducting dual proof-of-concept demonstrations during CES combined by a partnership with Visa.  These demonstrations will be a initial conducted with infrastructure partners Gilbarco Veeder-Root and IPS Group. The demos will showcase a morality and preference when profitable for services such as gasoline purchases and open parking from a comfort and reserve of a vehicle.
  • DreamWorks Animation – Honda has teamed with DreamWorks Animation to rise new cross-platform, augmented- and practical reality-content and solutions for a in-vehicle experience. Honda is demonstrating a explanation of judgment chronicle of a Honda Dream Drive in-car practical existence antecedent featuring disdainful DreamWorks Animation calm during CES. 
  • VocalZoom – Through a Silicon Valley Honda Xcelerator incubator program, Honda is operative with VocalZoom to request a company’s Human to Machine (HMC) visual sensor record to a origination of a safer, some-more gratifying in-car voice-control experience. By “reading” earthy facial skin vibrations as people speak, a VocalZoom sensor isolates their difference from other voices and sound in a background.   This enables automotive voice approval systems to perform distant some-more accurate than has been probable with normal speech-recognition solutions. VocalZoom’s visual sensor has a intensity to broach seamless, near-perfect voice-control opening even in a loud in-cabin environment.
  • LEIA Inc. –  Through another Honda Xcelerator collaboration, with LEIA, Honda has grown a new driver’s arrangement judgment that uses LEIA’s nano record to yield three-dimensional images, providing seamless transitions between opposite observation angles for warnings and driver-assistive systems.  Although 3D can be distracting if it isn’t designed correctly, a LEIA’s nanotech proceed presents abyss in a approach that feels natural. Honda sees a series of intensity applications for this technology, from navigation to trade information.

CES attendees can learn some-more and knowledge demonstrations of a Honda Cooperative Mobility Ecosystem during a Honda counter (#7312) from Jan 5-8 during a Las Vegas Convention Center.  Videos, images and some-more sum can be found during

About Honda Technology
Honda is formulating technologies and products that allege a company’s clean, safe, fun and connected code values. These efforts embody advancements in programmed vehicles, connectivity and ultra-low CO mobility.  In North America, a association has some-more than 300,000 vehicles on a highway versed with a Honda SensingÔ or AcuraWatchÔ reserve and driver-assistive technologies and some-more than 400,000 vehicles featuring Apple CarPlayâ and Android AutoÔ compatibility.  Honda also is contrast modernized programmed vehicle technologies in Japan and North America and is targeting 2020 for a deployment of rarely programmed vehicles on U.S. highways.  Honda also is operative to perform a environmental and reserve vision: “to comprehend a fun and leisure of mobility and a tolerable multitude where people can suffer life.”  Toward this target, Honda is essay to make two-thirds of a tellurian vehicle sales from hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrified vehicles including fuel dungeon and battery electric vehicles by around 2030. 

*1 The “emotion engine” is a set of AI technologies grown by cocoro SB Corp., that capacitate machines to artificially beget their possess emotions.

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