Honda Automobiles: Honda Teams With DreamWorks Animation to Create Virtual Reality "Honda Dream Drive" Experience

  • CES attendees will knowledge a Honda Dream Drive antecedent  
  • Demonstrate an in-vehicle height ancillary practical existence practice
  • Features calm from DreamWorks’ new charcterised strike film Trolls

Honda announced currently that it has collaborated with DreamWorks Animation to denote a new protracted and practical existence calm and solutions exam bed for a in-vehicle experience. Honda will denote a explanation of judgment chronicle of a Honda Dream Drive in-car practical existence antecedent featuring DreamWorks Animation calm during CES, Jan 5-8, 2017. CES attendees are invited to knowledge Dream Drive during a Honda counter (LVCC, North Hall – 7312) during uncover hours.

The Honda and DreamWorks fondness will concentration on formulating a program growth pack that fuses live telematics information to feed in-vehicle entertainment, preparation and information applications that are contextually synchronized with a suit of a car in real-time. The beginning brings to life a Honda Dream Drive prototype, that enables passengers to gawk into other worlds while roving as passengers in Honda vehicles.

“Entertainment in a car is fast changing as consumers rest some-more and some-more on personal inclination and Honda sees new opportunities to emanate singular practice for a customers,” pronounced John Moon, Developer Relations Lead during Honda Developer Studio. “The partnership with DreamWorks enables Honda to raise a in-vehicle knowledge by new ways of delivering information and entertainment.”

Honda Dream Drive
Honda Dream Drive uses a VR headset to douse passengers in a practical existence universe triggered by a suit of a vehicle. CES attendees will have a event to knowledge a explanation of judgment prototype, featuring calm from DreamWorks’ new charcterised film Trolls.

“We see a cabin of an car as an untapped height for delivering interesting and educational practice to consumers,” pronounced DreamWorks Animation’s Chief Animation Technology Officer Jeff Wike. “Working with Honda has enabled us to pierce a common talent together to try and code opportunities in bettering and formulating new forms of consumer engagement.”

DreamWorks Animation Collaboration
Honda originated a fondness with DreamWorks Animation by a Honda Developer Studio, a Silicon Valley-based open creation initiative. DreamWorks frequently collaborates with innovators to pull a bounds of interactive and digital party with other heading companies. The thought with Dream Drive is to pierce over party in a car to party for a vehicle.

“The thought is to develop from together play to connected, mild play that connects passengers and drivers to their drive, any other and a universe around them,” pronounced Bryan Biniak, Entrepreneur in Residence during Nokia Growth Partners and co-developer of a Honda Dream Drive experience. “We wish car time to embody a ability to have heads-up interactive entertainment, educational and informational practice as good as increasing personal productivity.”

About Honda Developer Studio
Honda Developer Studio (HDS) is an open creation beginning that enables developers to work directly with Honda engineers to emanate apps that are road-ready some-more quickly. For some-more information, revisit and follow along on Twitter during @HondaDeveloper.

About Honda Technology
Honda is formulating technologies and products that allege a company’s clean, safe, fun and connected code values. These efforts embody advancements in programmed vehicles, connectivity and ultra-low CO mobility. In North America, a association has some-more than 300,000 vehicles on a highway versed with a Honda Sensing or AcuraWatch reserve and driver-assistive technologies and scarcely 400,000 vehicles featuring Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility. Honda also is contrast modernized programmed car technologies in Japan and North America and is targeting 2020 for a deployment of rarely programmed vehicles on U.S. highways. Honda also is operative to perform a environmental and reserve vision: “to comprehend a fun and leisure of mobility and a tolerable multitude where people can suffer life.” Toward this target, Honda is essay to make two-thirds of a tellurian car sales from hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electrified vehicles including fuel dungeon and battery electric vehicles by around 2030. 

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