Difficult WorldSBK Sunday for BMW Motorrad Motorsport in Barcelona.

Barcelona. For BMW Motorrad Motorsport, Sunday’s movement in the
FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) in Barcelona (ESP) was
overshadowed by a complicated pile-up involving Tom Sykes (GBR) in competition two.
The British supplement was taken to sanatorium for serve checks as a
prevision after initial examinations during a Medical Centre revealed
that he had suffered a concussion. His team-mate from a BMW
Motorrad WorldSBK Team, Michael outpost der Mark (NED), finished the
second competition in ninth position. Jonas Folger (GER) from a Bonovo
MGM Racing group crossed a line in 16th place.


The BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team had already endured some bad fitness in
a morning’s Superpole race. Van der Mark fell on a initial lap,
promulgation Sykes into a sand trap. Both riders headed for a pits.
After 3 laps, a competition was dangling after another accident.
However, according to a regulations, conjunction BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
Team supplement was authorised to contest in a restart. The scurry competition was
condensed to 5 laps, with Folger finishing in 13th place. This
meant P10 for Sykes, P13 for outpost der Mark and P18 for Folger on the
grid for competition two.


At a commencement of a second race, Sykes fell and was afterwards strike by
another rider. Sykes was taken to a circuit’s medical centre, where
initial diagnoses suggested a concussion. Further precautionary
investigations have given taken place in a Barcelona hospital.


The collision led to a cessation of a race, that restarted after
a delay. Van der Mark crossed a line in ninth place. Folger secured
16th position. The WorldSBK now travels to Jerez de le Frontera in
southern Spain, where a tenth turn of a deteriorate will take place
subsequent weekend.


Quotes after competition dual during Barcelona.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “Our
categorical regard is that Tom is well. He is unwavering and in sanatorium for
serve checks during a moment. We have a fingers resolutely crossed that
he has come by a pile-up comparatively unscathed. It was not an easy
day. Unfortunately, Mickey also took out Tom when he crashed in this
morning’s Superpole race. As they had already finished 3 laps by
a time a red dwindle appeared, we were unfortunately incompetent to join
in when a Superpole competition re-started. In competition two, Tom fell and was
afterwards unfortunately strike by another rider. Mickey was ninth in competition two.
They were substantially formidable conditions for many riders, though that was
apparently not a outcome we were essay for. It was a formidable end
to a weekend that indeed started unequivocally positively.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“First of all, a thoughts are with Tom today. He has gone
for serve checks during Barcelona Hospital. He has been articulate and is
unwavering that is a good pointer so we will wait for further
information, however this unequivocally casts a shade over a whole day. In
a Superpole race, both riders equally went down from an accident
caused by Mickey, that he has unequivocally apologized to a group for.
In a second underline race, we consider Mickey struggled to get his tyre
to work for him unequivocally early in a competition though come a final third, he
had gait that was removing him where we approaching him to be arrange of the
third, fourth, fifth, sixth position, though by that indicate it was too
late, so it’s a meagre prerogative for his weekend’s work in 9th position.
Now we will pull a line underneath Catalunya 2021 and pierce brazen to
Jerez. But a categorical thing currently is that we wish Tom a rapid recovery.”


Michael outpost der Mark, BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team:
“This morning in a Superpole competition we done a mistake. we tried
to pass Tom, though we was too quick and crashed and pushed Tom into
a gravel. It was a foolish mistake, so we am unequivocally contemptible to a team.
In competition two, we got a reasonable start, though unfortunately a red flag
was brought out since of Tom’s crash, from that we wish he is OK. At
a restart we struggled with a bike; we didn’t have any stopping
opening nor a hold we was aiming for, so it was a prolonged and
formidable race. We have to find out a reason because this is happening
when a lane conditions change. In a finish we scored some points and
subsequent week we have another chance.”


Jonas Folger, Bonovo MGM Racing: “It was a tough
Sunday. We all had problems with a grip, though we are not means to
get a back framework operative a approach we wish it to. As a result, we had
problems in a Superpole competition and in competition two. We will now take a
tighten demeanour during a information and afterwards hopefully take a step brazen in Jerez
subsequent weekend.”