FIM EWC: BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team forced to betimes give adult a quarrel for a lectern during a Bol d’Or.

Le Castellet. After stepping onto a lectern in a previous
dual races of a 2021 FIM Endurance World Championship (FIM EWC),
a BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team was fighting for positions at
a really tip again during a Bol d’Or during Le Castellet (FRA). But the
24-hour competition came to a beforehand finish for a squad. During the
night, a group had to retire due to a technical issue. Markus
Reiterberger (GER), Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR) and Kenny Foray (FRA) had
common duties in a saddle of a #37 BMW M 1000 RR.


After 7 and a half hours of racing, a group was using in
fourth position when Mikhalchik had issues with a energy sight and
had to move a bike behind to a garage. Team Manager Werner Daemen’s
patrol attempted all to continue a competition though afterwards had to make the
preference to retire. The means of a emanate will now be analysed in detail.


Privateer BMW Team LRP Poland was fibbing in 18th altogether and in sixth
position in a EWC category with a #90 BMW S 1000 RR after 21 hours of
racing. Tecmas BMW (#9 BMW S 1000 RR) had to retire after a crash.


The 84th book of a Bol d’Or was a third turn of a FIM EWC
2021 season. The final round, a 8-hour competition during Most in a Czech
Republic, will be hold on 9th October.




Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “This
apparently is a tough reversal for us, also in regards of a pretension fight
in a universe championship. Another lectern finish with a lot of
championship points would have been probable in this 24-hour competition but
continuation racing once some-more valid that a lot can happen. Several top
teams have run into issues in this really tough race, and unfortunately
we have been one of them. We will now analyse in fact to find the
accurate means of a issue. we wish to appreciate a whole group and the
riders for their really tough work before and during a competition weekend. Now we
are looking brazen to a culmination during Most. There, we wish to attack
again and quarrel during a really top.”


Werner Daemen, Team Manager BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team:
“It’s really sad, for a riders and a whole group who all
worked so hard, though it can happen. We will leave that behind us and
a full concentration is now on a subsequent turn during Most.”


Markus Reiterberger: “We of march are all very
disappointed. The group attempted all to move us behind on lane but
unfortunately we had to retire. It is really unhappy that a Le Castellet
weekend finished that way. But we will not get disheartened. Now, we will
ready for Most where we will come behind in full strength.”


Ilya Mikhalchik: “We did a good pursuit during this week.
We have again being always on top. In a race, we were using in P4,
only 10 seconds behind P3. Our gait was really strong, like a leading
pace. Then we unfortunately suffered a technical issue. But okay, it
is endurance, and it’s a technical sport. Let’s forget this situation,
concentration on a subsequent one and infer that this group is able of winning.”


Kenny Foray: “For sure, it is really unhappy for us. we had
high hopes in a race, though it is like it is. We gave a really best
though this time it was not meant to be. It is formidable to find the
difference to explain what we feel. It is not easy, though this is racing and
infrequently we win or are on a lectern and infrequently we don’t finish.”