Crewe wins new University Technical College (UTC)

Crewe will be home to a new University Technical College. UTC Crewe, due to open in Sep 2016, is a vital new investment in a educational charity in Crewe. This new college will offer an sparkling and moving preparation for immature people seeking a pathway to practice and serve education.

University Technical Colleges offer courses for 14-19 year olds that are designed with submit from internal employers and a partner university. UTCs already work in other tools of a nation though this is a initial of a kind in Crewe.

Commenting on a successful UTC Crewe bid, Bentley’s member of a house for Human Resources, Dr Ariane Reinhart, said: “UTC Crewe is illusory news for Crewe, internal students and for Bentley. It will raise a internal community, boosting skills, preparation and employability, for a advantage of people and many organisations.”

It is driven by a partnership between Bentley Motors, Manchester Metropolitan University, Siemens, Bosch, OSL Rail, Jacobs Engineering, Chevron Racing, Optical 3D, South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Cheshire East Council. The aim is to feed a opening internal businesses have of immature people with automotive, engineering, rail and pattern skills in these flourishing industries.

As with all colleges, a Principal and training staff are pivotal to success. At UTC Crewe, they will be means to pull on imagination from a operation of partners to safeguard a educational and unsentimental training activities are applicable for a changing universe of work heading to transparent tyro pathways into academia or employment, or both.

Bentley has been closely concerned with a UTC plan and will continue to work with a College and a partners to assistance pattern a curriculum that reflects a needs of attention and provides an sparkling and moving training environment.

The partnership with UTC Crewe forms a subsequent step in Bentley’s concentration on talent growth and continual improvement. Bentley already offers trainee programmes, including apprenticeships and connoisseur schemes, around 150 work knowledge placements any year and has an determined propagandize relationship programme providing workshops in internal schools. UTC Crewe will build on these existent growth activities.