BMW Motorrad Concept Link. The reinvention of civic mobility on dual wheels.

At a Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017, a BMW Group is
presenting a prophesy of zero-emission civic mobility on dual wheels:
a BMW Motorrad Concept Link. Inspired by a BMW Motorrad Vision
Next 100, a pattern investigate unites digital connectivity with the
final of civic mobility on dual wheels. It treads new paths and
moves over determined conventions both with courtesy to pattern and

“The BMW Motorrad Concept Link stands for a new bargain of
civic mobility. It links a digital and analogue universe and places
a concentration on a supplement and his mobility needs. In a approach it links
functionality and digitalisation it performs both as a means of
ride as good as a communication device.  For me a BMW
Motorrad Concept Link, with a undying and reduced style, is more
than a judgment – it is rather a pitch for a new era.” explains
Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design of BMW Motorrad.

Design as a specifying and segment-defining feature.

The special impression of a judgment car becomes transparent right
divided interjection to a totally new pattern language. “The BMW Motorrad
Concept Link is not formed on today’s concepts, though rather meets the
elementary functionality needs, a technical pattern and the
digital existence of today’s users. The technical realities of
electric expostulate – such as a prosaic appetite packs in a underfloor and
a compress expostulate on a behind circle – authorised us to emanate a highly
particular pattern that shapes a new segment. The resulting
fluent energy of a car is positively new for BMW Motorrad
and breaks with all compulsory observation patterns.” explains
Alexander Buckan, Head of Vehicle Design during BMW Motorrad.

The low-slung, stretched physique and a prosaic chair total with
a diagonally rising front territory emanate a complicated nonetheless distinctive
silhouette. The use of colours emphasises this even further: the
front trim in Liquid Metal Titanium contrasts with a semi-matt
black body. The colours are oriented diagonally that underlines the
energetic intensity of a BMW Motorrad Concept Link.

Tailor-made for a mandate of civic mobility.

The new and emphatically function-driven pattern provides a
high turn of roving pleasure due to a E-drive. The BMW Motorrad
Concept Link is ideally matched to accommodate a mandate of modern
civic mobility with quick acceleration and easy handling. Due to its
low altogether height, removing on is easy from a side or even from
a back. A retreat rigging ensures that it is easy to manoeuvre,
creation it ideal to park in parsimonious city spaces.

The chair dais can be practiced lengthwise to fit every
preference. The proportions also make room for new storage space. In
a centre section, underneath a chair bench, a luggage compartment
offers versatile storage opportunities. The supplement can entrance this
fast and simply during all times regulating a shifting door. With a new
architecture, a BMW Motorrad Concept Link combines roving pleasure
and functionality in an ideal way.

Clear shapes and complicated technology.

Taking a closer look, transparent lines, large-area surfaces and
simple, accurate shapes emphasize a state-of-the-art demeanour of the
BMW Motorrad Concept Link. The two-tone colour pattern reinforces
this further. A vast matt black area, a technical heart, shapes
a core of a concept. It stretches from a front to a rear,
and in further to a tyres and front lights, also integrating the
expostulate territory and a cessation elements. The dual iconic LEC front
lights are characterised by minimalist design. Their clear-cut
blueprint and a slim contours intensify a complicated and trail-blazing
manifest interest of a front section.

The strenuously fluent contours of a side panels framing
a dim core of a vehicle, optimise aerodynamics and also provide
insurance opposite breeze and weather. The sides of a wheels are
totally covered, underscoring a contemporary altogether visual

The BMW Motorrad Concept Link also deliberately showcases the
record used as partial of a pattern package. That is because a side
panels don’t totally cover a side territory during a rear. Instead
they widen opposite a vehicles side like small wings allowing
views of a technical elements like expostulate unit, cooling ribs,
single-sided pitch arm, open strut and tooth belt. At a same
time they assistance urge aerodynamic atmosphere flow.

The iconic behind lights have been integrated into a behind side
panels in a form of dual C-shaped light elements.

Deliberate contrasts and countless individualisation options.

Contrasts are deliberately played on in and with the
transparent shapes of a BMW Concept Link to give it a absolute and
considerable appearance. The orange-coloured cables joining battery
container and expostulate on a right side are rarely resisting in
coming and make a transparent and confident statement. Their
hole already hints during a energy in a expostulate unit.

The chair dais also creates both a organic and visually
absolute statement, a prosaic chair area being kept apart from the
vehicles body. This emphasises a levity of a side view
thereby highlighting a flexible and easy handling. The chair bench
allows views of a aluminium structure within.

It can be blending to fit opposite needs in countless ways. It
can be possibly a sporty single-seater, a chair dais for dual or
anything in between giving a judgment car a particular visual
and organic character.

Further customisation options, such as side panels in different
colours or opposite windshields, concede a supplement to demonstrate his
personality, creation a BMW Motorrad Concept Link a ideal
messenger for any situation.

Connecting rider, car and environment.

Inspired by a BMW Motorrad Vision NEXT 100, a BMW Motorrad
Concept Link interprets a tie between rider, car and
a sourroundings for civic use. It keeps a supplement connected while
riding, thereby expanding his mobile universe by providing him with new
opportunities. Among other things, a Concept car knows what’s
in a rider’s calendar and therefore his subsequent destinations. As a
outcome it can devise a fastest or many scenic track and even select
a many suitable song if required.

The concentration is also on being means to suffer a roving experience
but any distractions. The classical instrument cluster has been
dropped. Instead speed, navigation and battery information is
projected onto a windshield directly into a rider’s margin of
vision. Secondary information is displayed on a large-surface
panel, that matches a pattern ideally and is located next the
handlebars. The row enables a vast series of probable ways of
interacting with a outward universe and for communicating with other
vehicles. The hold supportive aspect of a large-size panel
displays and controls endless infotainment, connectivity and
routing information. Freely programmable, touch-enabled buttons on
a handlebars concede a supplement to entrance elite and frequently
used functions but carrying to mislay his hands from the

Intelligent supplement equipment.

The communication between car and supplement wear binds great
intensity with courtesy to supplement safety, comfort, functionality and
roving experience. On a BMW Motorrad Concept Link, a rider
apparatus is also connected to a vehicle. To prominence this
connection, a suit on a arm of a coupler opens and closes the
shifting doorway of a luggage compartment.

A tack on a arm signifies a active area. The supplement wear is
also a conform matter and deliberately not recognizable as
motorcycle gear. Light shoulder and bend protectors have been
integrated into a stylish brief cloak done of water-repellent loden
cloth. However they are not manifest in a complicated cut of a coat.

With a multiple of a emission-free, energetic drive, a new
pattern language, connectivity and select nonetheless organic rider
equipment, a BMW Motorrad Concept Link embodies BMW Motorrad’s
bargain of a destiny of civic mobility.


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