MotoGP and BMW M Division: these dual partners have shaped an ideal
multiple for roughly dual decades. MotoGP is a apex of
motorcycle racing and facilities a best riders in a universe on
high-performance racing prototypes, in a growth of that the
manufacturers exercise their latest technological ideas.
High-performance and motorsport genes – attributes, with that BMW M
Division is also synonymous. Since 1999, BMW M has been a permanent
member of a general MotoGP family. The successful partnership
with organiser Dorna Sports has grown consistently over a years, and
is set to continue to run good into a future. In 2014, Dorna Sports
and BMW M Division extended their team-work adult to and including
2020. Partnerships like this, that camber decades, are intensely rare
in top-class general sport.

At a heart of a joining is a sustenance of a Safety Car
fleet. BMW M implements a latest record in sequence to guarantee
a reserve of a MotoGP riders, whatever a conditions. The Safety
Cars are high-performance BMW M cars, whose superb driving
properties make them a ideal foil to any hurdles out on the
racetrack. The latest instance is a BMW M2 MotoGP Safety Car, which
creates a entrance this season. The Safety Cars are specifically mutated at
a BMW M bureau for their use as lead cars on a motorcycle racing
scene. The same goes for all a other vehicles in a fleet.

BMW M Division’s joining to MotoGP also includes countless other
activities. Since 2003, a BMW M Award has been presented during a end
of a deteriorate to a best MotoGP qualifier. The BMW M MotoGP
Experience allows visitors to knowledge a fascinating universe of
MotoGP adult tighten and personal. BMW M MotoGP experts offer exclusive,
first-hand insights. On comparison Grand Prix weekends, BMW M Division
presents a latest models and products with on-site campaigns.


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