Audi opens a code muster during DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

The muster includes some-more than Audi’s latest electric models. At a series of exhibits, some of them interactive, focusing on performance, design, digital features, and sustainability, visitors can also learn some-more about Audi and knowledge close-up how a Four Rings prognosticate a reward mobility of a future. Among other things they can take a demeanour in fact during a augmented-reality head-up display of a Audi Q4 e-tron and try out several light projections in a light tunnel.

A special prominence in a initial weeks after a muster opening is a Audi grandsphere concept, a Audi uncover automobile from a IAA Mobility in Munich. It is approaching to be on uncover in a muster for dual weeks. Following this, another Audi uncover automobile will be displayed.

During a muster duration it will also be possible, depending on availability, to take a exam expostulate on a mark with Audi electric models.

In May 2015 a Volkswagen Group non-stop DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum, a height for dialog that combines all brands of a Group underneath one roof during a heart of Berlin. DRIVE., located during a dilemma of Unter basement Linden and Friedrichstrasse, is a Group representation, where automotive innovations for a hands-on knowledge are presented. Here visitors learn how Group brands such as Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche are rebellious a issues of environment, sustainability, technology, choice forms of powering, and design. In addition, DRIVE. has a discussion area, a emporium and spaces for culinary events.

Note: during a duration of a show, a muster is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm.