Audi motorist René Rast: “Starting from a initial quarrel was a highlight”

In Hockenheim we gifted a new facilities of a DTM for a initial time during a competition weekend. What influenced we a many as a driver?
René Rast: “We are directly influenced by, for example, a biased group radio. During a races we are now creation decisions on a own, and so we find yourself some-more alone. Therefore we have to master another member that can have a substantial impact on a race. You have to consider some-more tactically. Personally, we consider it’s a certain addition, since a driver’s opening is now brought most some-more to a fore. The softer tires have a identical outcome as well. They meant we have to adjust my pushing character as a motorist and import adult several tactical possibilities during a race. Apart from that, privately we find a pit-view boxes really cool. The fans get most improved insights and can now follow a approach a group and we ready for a sessions. This was really a step in a right direction.”

What were a competition highlights of a weekend for we personally?
“Firstly, a fight-back on Saturday, when we gathering to sixth place from final on a grid. We had one of a fastest cars in a margin – this is a clear prominence of a weekend. And afterwards subordinate for a initial quarrel on Sunday on my initial competition weekend as a permanent motorist – notwithstanding a competition not finale good for me. we will positively take this certain feeling from subordinate into a entrance weekends.”

A few mins after your competition on Sunday we wore a prop around your neck instead of a HANS system. Can we report because this was?
“The collision after a Indy-restart was not during all a cause. It had already happened shortly after a unchanging start, and in a TV footage it was roughly unnoticeable. Before a initial turn, we had underestimated a conditions rather and was fighting with understeer. we went far-reaching and strike a quell too sharply. At that impulse we got a straight jar into my spine and afterwards again when we landed. These together led to my emanate after a race.”