BMW during a RETTmobil 2017


At a RETTmobil trade satisfactory being hold in Fulda from 10 to 12 May
2017, a BMW Group will again be presenting a preference of
tailor-made puncture and special-purpose vehicles for rescue teams,
glow services, puncture physicians and military forces.

The eventuality is holding place for a 17th time now and ranks as Europe’s
heading trade satisfactory for rescue and mobility services. This year, around
500 exhibitors from 20 nations will attend a satisfactory to benefaction their
stream developments and technologies from a areas of rescue
services, technical aids as good as glow and disaster protection.
Following final year’s record attendance, a organizer expects more
than 25,000 trade visitors from home and abroad, including many
member from internal authorities, communities and associations.

BMW and BMW Motorrad in muster gymnasium 2, mount 208. The BMW Group
will showcase a sum of 6 opposite puncture vehicles during this
year’s RETTmobil. At a categorical opening to a fair, an eye-catching
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe braggadocio a adorned puncture ambulance trim
already awaits visitors. At a BMW mount in gymnasium 2, a new BMW 5
Series Sedan can be seen as an puncture automobile in disguise. Next to
it there are dual versions of an puncture ambulance: a BMW X5 and a
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. As a authority automobile for glow services, the
exhibited BMW X1 has to accommodate wholly opposite requirements; a same
relates to a exhibited initial responder puncture motorcycle formed on
a BMW R Series and featuring a 1,200 cubic centimetre, two-cylinder
fighter engine.

Experience and imagination with tradition are in direct worldwide. BMW
looks behind on some-more than 60 years of knowledge in a growth and
prolongation of special-purpose vehicles. Today, a manufacturer offers
a sundry operation of innovative and tailor-made solutions designed to
accommodate a tip final with courtesy to performance, functionality,
reserve and reliability, while also convincing in terms of efficiency
and fuel economy. Therefore, it is not startling that BMW
special-purpose vehicles are in use all over a world.

Further information on BMW puncture vehicles is accessible on the
Internet during



The exhibits being presented during a RETTmobil 2017 yield an
overview of a far-reaching operation offering by a BMW and BMW Motorrad brands
in a margin of puncture and confidence vehicles. For some-more than six
decades now and with a constantly flourishing array of models and
innovative solutions, a BMW Group has supposing customised mobility
for a extended operation of tasks that have to be dealt with by fire
services, rescue teams, technical support services and military forces
faced with ever-increasing challenges. In a process, BMW emergency
vehicles remonstrate not customarily with their specific discretionary equipment, but
also paint state-of-the-art record with courtesy to efficiency,
motorist assistance systems and connectivity.

Eye-catcher: BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupe as a uncover car. Visitors will
already confront a initial BMW vaunt during a categorical entrance. With
this uncover car, a automobile that is rather out of a typical for
rescue teams, BMW Group specialists wish to denote what is
probable in a margin of puncture vehicles. The puncture ambulance
formed on a sporty BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has been supposing with
boldly designed signal-coloured foiling, a signalling beacon
integrated into a prosaic roof bar as good as blue front and behind LED
flashers. Moreover, a vehicle’s sporty aptitude is underscored by
20-inch light alloys from a BMW appendage range. In further to its
manifest qualities a superb coupe offers tangible, practical
advantages: Four doors concede accessible entering and exiting the
vehicle, while a wide-opening behind lid facilitates entrance to a
480-litre luggage compartment. When a 40:20:40 separate behind chair is
folded down, storage space increases to 1,300 litres, providing a flat
loading aspect that will accommodate countless rescue inclination and equipment. 

The BMW 440i xDrive Gran Coupe is powered by a 3-litre straight
six-cylinder engine with 240 kW/326 hp and 450 Nm of torque. In a
multiple of a 8-speed Steptronic delivery with intelligent
four-wheel record BMW xDrive, fuel expenditure is 7.4–7.1 litres
per 100 km*, while CO2 emissions are together low during 172–165
g/km*. The sporty four-door automobile completes a scurry from 0 to 100
km/h in customarily 5 seconds and has a tip speed of 250 km/h.  


On a tip mission: BMW 520d Sedan for a clandestine police. The
BMW 5 Series customarily usually introduced in Feb will be celebrating its
premiere during this year’s RETTmobil as a sheltered puncture automobile for
plain-clothes military officers. From a outward a energetic business
sedan is no opposite to a prolongation denote and a interior gives
frequency any denote of a car’s special dictated use. Specific
apparatus facilities comprises a control centre that includes a radio
master switch and a control section for radio devices, a some-more powerful
generator and an additional battery in a luggage compartment. The
sheltered puncture signalling element facilities front LED flashers of
a form Hella BST mounted behind a kidney grille, a removable
captivating flashlight of a form Movia SL LED that also adheres to the
aluminium roof of a simple vehicle, as good as an electronic tone
method signalling element with dual vigour cover loudspeakers
propitious behind a front apron. In sequence to yield a organisation with
optimal assistance during clandestine activities or chaperon operations,
a sedan is supposing with an endless operation of discretionary facilities and
countless assistance systems, including Dynamic Damper Control,
Integral Active Steering, auxiliary heating with remote control and
involuntary behind lid operation. Furthermore, a motorist advantages from
Driving Assistant Plus, Parking Assistant Plus including remote
tranquil parking function, a real-time trade information system
RTTI, a TV function, BMW Night Vision with chairman recognition, BMW
gesticulate control inside a cockpit and BMW Head-Up Display, which
projects applicable information directly into a driver’s margin of vision.

The BMW 520d being presented during a satisfactory is powered by a 2-litre
four-cylinder diesel engine with 140 kW/190 hp, delivering a maximum
torque of 400 Nm from as early as 1,750 rpm. Average fuel consumption
is customarily 4.5–4.1 l/100 km* with CO2 emissions of 118–108 g/km*. The
gears of a 8-speed Sport Steptronic delivery can be shifted
possibly automatically or manually around change paddles on a steering
wheel. The sedan sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds,
accelerating to a tip speed of 235 km/h.


Functional and spacious: BMW X5 xDrive30d for a alloy on call. As
an puncture ambulance a BMW X5 demonstrates impressively how
functionality, comfort and reserve can be total in a tailor-made
rescue vehicle.  After all, a BMW X5 is a many atmospheric denote in
a operation of BMW puncture vehicles and offers, in further to a
inexhaustible volume of space for occupants, a luggage cell capacity
of 650 litres (can be increasing to 1,870 litres), providing sufficient
storage space for special or additional equipment. The automatically
operated behind lid with integrated LED luggage cell light
ensures quick entrance to rescue apparatus even in a dark; a steel
divider grid separates a luggage cell from occupants. The
part-foiling “Aerodynamic”, a puncture signalling element DBS 4000
including alley lights, appetite peep and roof flashers, blue LED front
flashers by Hella propitious behind a radiator grille as good as blue
and yellow LED flashers of a form Ghost (Standby company) integrated
into a behind lid attract limit attention. In terms of communication
technology, a exhibited BMW X5 is versed with a credentials option
for Sepura digital radio as good as a total receiver (2 m/4 m) with
a flare length of 600 mm for GPS, GSM and TETRA digital trunked radio.
Lastly, a automobile has an additional AGM battery, a DEFA interior
heating unit, a 230 volt electricity supply with DEFA mains supply
hollow for outmost stream expenditure and a distributor box with two
appetite outlets, around that outmost inclination and appliances can be
granted with energy. 

On a approach to a deployment plcae a organisation of a BMW X5
xDrive30d can rest on a absolute 3-litre, six-cylinder diesel engine
featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo record and delivering a 190 kW/258
hp appetite output. However, with a total fuel expenditure of 6.0–5.9
litres per 100 km*, a automobile is still intensely economical,
analogous to a CO2 glimmer of 158–156 g/km*. Thanks to
intelligent four-wheel expostulate record BMW xDrive, a motorist has
full control of a automobile during all times, even in vicious situations
both on and off-road. To concede a motorist to combine entirely on the
trade during all times, a automobile features, inter alia, an 8-speed
Steptronic transmission, a navigation element Professional, Real Time
Traffic Information (RTTI), a BMW Driving Assistant Plus and BMW
Head-Up Display. A behind perspective camera assists a rescue group when
manoeuvring in cramped spaces.


Wide operation of applications: BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer for the
puncture physician. With a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, BMW offers a
array characterised by flexibility, expanse and practical
details. With a high chair position, vast doors, durable loading
building and a longitudinally tractable behind bench, this BMW is
ideally matched for being converted into an puncture ambulance. In
further to a analogous foiling, a denote being presented at
a muster mount facilities a puncture signalling element of the
form DBS 5000 including yellow flashlight, additional blue flashlight
and alley lights. Blue LED flashers during a front and behind as good as
additional yellow flashers integrated into a behind lid finish the
operation of manifest features. A radio receiver for GSM, GPS and TETRA
trunked radio is connected to a radio credentials choice for Segura
digital radio of a form MRT SRG 3900. Furthermore, a 230 volt
electricity supply with DEFA mains supply hollow and distributor box,
an interior heating section DEFA Termini 1400, a Votronic horse for
both automobile batteries and an puncture starting duty are on
board. BMW has grown an extractable loading building (815 mm × 780
mm) with a behind end-integrated travel tray, designed
exclusively for this array and needing unusually quick access
to critical rescue apparatus and technical aids. A steel dividing
grid has been additionally commissioned to strengthen occupants from any
apparatus of apparatus that might fly around. Cutting corner assistance
systems such as Driving Assistant Plus, Navigation Plus or the
reversing camera support a motorist on assignments.

In terms of pushing dynamics as good a BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer
featuring an M Sport cessation has a lot to offer. It is driven by a
absolute four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 140 kW/190 hp and a
limit torque of 400 Nm. Equipped with a 8-speed Steptronic
transmission, fuel expenditure is customarily 5.1–4.9 litres of diesel per
100 km*, with CO2 emissions of 134–128 g/km*. The puncture vehicle
sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in customarily 7.6 seconds, reaching a tip speed
of 218 km/h. Four-wheel expostulate record BMW xDrive ensures that power
is eliminated reliably to a tarmac and that a automobile is also
constant on off-road terrain.


Quickly on a spot: BMW X1 xDrive18d for operations management.
Reliability, versatility, potency and dynamics are typical
qualities with that a latest BMW X1 is means to convince. Therefore,
a all-round talent is suitable for a far-reaching spectrum of applications
in that a good overview, speed and lively are also required. The BMW
X1 xDrive18d is being presented during a RETTmobil 2017 as a fire
use authority vehicle. Widely manifest characteristics embody the
set of “First Responder” stickers and a puncture signalling system
RTK-7 KL-LM2 with bezel, backlight, vigour cover loudspeakers and
handset HA115. Moreover, dual blue Hella LED flashers both during a front
and behind element a operation of puncture signals indispensable when on
deployment. An ABB Blankenburg receiver for receiving GPS and TETRA
radio signals is mounted in front of a roof fin and connected to the
credentials pack for a Segura digital radio MRT SRG 3900. A 230 volt
electricity supply with DEFA mains supply hollow and distributor box
is on board, as are a ascent image in a luggage cell floor,
an additional battery, a steel divider grid for passenger protection
and a 2-kg glow extinguisher in a behind compartment 

A absolute four-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 110 kW/150 hp
guarantees autarchic opening both on and off-road. An normal fuel
expenditure of customarily 4.9–4.7 litres of diesel per 100 km* demonstrates
that a BMW X1 xDrive18d with 8-speed Steptronic delivery is
still remarkably careful in annoy of a high opening level.
Corresponding CO2 emissions are 129–124 g/km*. Thanks to BMW xDrive,
expostulate appetite is eliminated on direct to all 4 wheels, depending on
highway aspect condition and circle grip. Power is distributed to each
sole circle within fractions of a second.


Always a second faster: BMW R 1200 RT as initial responder. Motorcycles
are ideally matched for deployment in civic areas as they are
unusually flexible and customarily strech a end faster than
two-track vehicles, even in unenlightened traffic. With a corresponding
apparatus and engines, they do in tangible fact also offer genuine
long-distance qualities. The BMW R 1200 RT First Responder braggadocio a
new RAL colour being presented during this year’s RETTmobil is the
ultimate puncture vehicle: It can be flexibly blending to specific
mandate and offers a high turn of pushing dynamics and safety
underneath all conditions. The endless operation of apparatus options
featured on a exhibited appurtenance embody a exhilarated singular chair with
radio box, additional battery, receiver (380 MHz), an acoustic signal
and open residence element as good as manifest facilities such as LED
flashing beacons and a stop signaller. Radio credentials includes
wiring for a element SEPURA Tetra BOS.

Thanks to a pushing modes “Rain” and “Road”, a motorcycle can be
privately blending to varying highway conditions, while a optional
Shift Assistant Pro additionally relieves a rider. ABS and Automatic
Stability Control ASC come as standard; tilt-optimised ABS Pro and
energetic braking light are accessible from a operation of discretionary Pro
pushing modes. A vast TFT colour arrangement mounted on a lurch provides
critical information, and a supplement advantages from glorious breeze and
continue insurance as good as superb ergonomics. The powerful
two-cylinder, liquid-cooled fighter engine delivers 92 kW/125 hp,
permitting a BMW R 1200 RT to strech a tip speed of over 200 km/h. Fuel
expenditure according to WMTC is 4.96 litres per 100 km. The current
denote fulfils glimmer customary EU 4 and is propitious with an OBD control lamp.



The story of BMW puncture vehicles goes behind as distant as a 1950s.
At that time, a Munich military took into use new unit cars
formed on a models BMW 501 and BMW 502. These sedans, that were
affectionately famous as “baroque angels” and featured large
six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines, were seen as a benchmark in
terms of trustworthiness and operational suitability. Since then, BMW has
evenly pulpy forward with development. Today, a company’s
knowledge in a construction of puncture vehicles for a police,
glow services, rescue teams and supervision organisations forms the
basement of superb expertise, innovative strength and quality.

The operation of accessible vehicles now comprises 9 array (BMW
2 Series Gran Tourer and 2 Series Active Tourer, BMW 3 Series, 5
Series and 7 Series, BMW X1, X3, X5, BMW i3) as good as four
motorcycle models (BMW F 700 GS, F 800 GS, F 800 GT, R 1200 RT). The
tip grade of reliability, limit functionality and exemplary
reserve are brand-typical qualities of BMW puncture vehicles.
Moreover, these automobiles advantage from being versed as standard
with BMW EfficientDynamics record and from a networking of
motorist partner systems and mobility services underneath a powerful of
BMW ConnectedDrive. Furthermore, with a electrically powered models
BMW i3 and a plug-in hybrid sports automobile BMW i8, a BMW Group is
environment a concentration on a new era of puncture vehicles. These
electric models, all versed with future-oriented expostulate technology,
are now demonstrating their superb temperament for
deployment in civic areas in sole with a Bavarian military and,
for instance, with trade services in Milan, Los Angeles, London and Dubai.

Tailor-made growth in coordination with a customer. During the
growth stage, BMW engineers already combine closely with
destiny users. In this way, unsentimental knowledge gained by fire
services, rescue teams and a military flows into a pattern of a new
puncture vehicle. Furthermore, BMW takes into care the
latest technical developments of creditable and gifted special
apparatus suppliers. Installation of measuring, radio and signal
control technology, for example, is incorporated into a normal
prolongation process, even being partly implemented on a assembly
lines of prolongation models. In this way, BMW guarantees a highest
turn of functionality, reserve and durability – peculiarity standards that
can't be achieved simply by retrofitting. Finally, any BMW
puncture vehicle, including all commissioned and trustworthy components are
subjected to difficult tests that surpass by distant a requirements
stipulated by existent contrast standards. Ultimately, BMW delivers a
tailor-made product, a components of that are ideally harmonised,
functioning as constituent tools of an altogether element in precisely the
approach a patron expects them to.

In direct worldwide, in use on all continents. The outstanding
qualities of BMW puncture vehicles have stood a exam in extreme
situations time and time again and are in direct over national
borders all over a world. Therefore, it is not startling that
automobiles and motorcycles of a BMW code are currently being used on
all continents. As a final on puncture crew infrequently differ
extremely from nation to country, conceptualisation is closely
concurrent with specialists of any establishment in any market. As a
outcome of a many years of team-work with international
authorities, BMW is means to do ever-increasing final with regard
to really specific patron mandate in a veteran manner,
since this is a customarily approach to safeguard that charge army in Europe,
Asia and abroad are given precisely a automobile indispensable to assist
them with their on-site activities – both during their bland duties
as good as underneath impassioned operational conditions.  

The UK, Italy, Norway and Switzerland are among a many important
public-sector markets in Europe, while outward a aged continent
countries such as Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Qatar,
Zambia, Taiwan and a USA rest on puncture vehicles temperament the
white and blue emblem. Besides a BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and 7
Series, orders are placed for a X1, X3 and a X5, 2 Series Gran
Tourer and a BMW i3. Even some-more considerable is a lane record of BMW
motorcycles used by open authorities. These always leave a BMW
plant as finish tailor-made solutions: Since 1970, some-more than 130,000
of them have been sole in over 150 countries. Many of a police
motorcycles are means demeanour behind on a use life of adult to 16 years and
120,000 kilometres. If desired, BMW specialists can during a same time
supply motorist and reserve attire blending to a mandate of each
country – further designed to fit any specific use.