Why sustainability extends over fuel potency and lighter materials

When we typically consider about automotive attention sustainability, a initial thing we tend to consider about is fuel efficiency. How can we urge a engines so that they need reduction fuel? What about hybrids, plug-in variety and all-electric vehicles?

But a existence is there are other ways to urge sustainability that go over innovating a engines. For example, how can we count reduction on hoary fuels when we build this car or when we source components for a vehicle? Can we grasp improved fuel potency with this light-weighting procedure? Can we be some-more tolerable in a prolongation process?

Consider a iconic clay model, a long-term tack of car design. Clay enables Ford engineers to see sparkling new ideas in genuine life, something they can build, cgange and feel with their hands, not only observe on a mechanism monitor.


It’s a crucial, collaborative step in a pattern process, though one that requires poignant resources. So Ford engineers stepped in and grown a approach to reuse this clay, shortening rubbish and creation a prolongation of new vehicles some-more tolerable – years divided from a product attack a public plant and miles from a car attack a open road.

Last year alone, Ford engineers saved some-more than 2,267 kilograms (kg) of clay! Over a five-year lifespan of this recycling program, some-more than 9,000 kg of clay has been recovered and reused!

That’s adequate clay to fill some-more than 26,000 355mL cocktail cans, and roughly  the weight of thirty masculine moose!

The act of recycling this new product is accurate in nature, requiring specifically tuned machinery, singular to Ford, that processes exclusive clay material. Leftover chips of clay are dense and topsy-turvy with mixed blades, stealing all a atmosphere from a material.

The clay afterwards passes by a exhilarated projection that earnings reformed clay to a accurate coherence compulsory for reuse.

Clay Model

Opportunities to exercise tolerable practices are all around us, and this is only one of many ways Ford engineers revoke rubbish while maintaining an essential partial of a pattern process.

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