Audi brings suspicion leaders to a MQ! Innovation Summit

The mobility quotient is about a lot some-more than only spatial mobility in a clarity of removing from A to B. The factors time, multitude and sustainability are also enclosed in a calculation. For example, keynote orator and NASA wanderer (retired) Ron Garan says: “Let’s make a lives safer with unconstrained cars and intelligent infrastructure.” Robotics consultant Andra Keay and science-fiction author and record romantic Cory Doctorow will also make keynote speeches. In his keynote, Steve Wozniak presents his credo: What we conclude a Mobility Quotient as? A turn of freedom.”

In workshops, a limit participants will excavate deeper into a topics and benefit insights into specific questions on that Audi is working: How do we emanate trust in unconstrained driving, how do we understanding with reliable challenges? What is a right charging infrastructure for electric cars in civic and farming areas? What services do users wish in unconstrained cars? “Cooperation is a pivotal to responding executive questions about a mobility of a future,” says Nils Wollny, Head of Digital Business during Audi. The dialog between participants and experts is therefore during a concentration of a MQ! Innovation Summit.

Interested parties can register to attend MQ! during Audi will raffle meet-and-greets with Steve Wozniak and other tip speakers among all a participants. More information about a module can be found on Twitter underneath a hashtag #neverstopquestioning as good as on Facebook during “The Mobility Quotient.”