Anna Trubachova: we adore a aberration of cars from a past

Just dual years ago, Anna Trubachova – writer, journalist, owner of a media group and manager of countless amicable and informative projects – would have sat in my place interviewing an engaging person. Now she is a one responding my questions and posing in front of a camera. And there is one some-more reason causing déjà vu: Anna’s initial personal automobile was her age mate, a Mercedes-Benz W 123, 1981.

“When we was in fifth grade, we won a Turbo resin insert: a print of a W 123. That was when we motionless to get myself one when we grew up. And we did get one,” Anna remembers.

Anna’s passion for cars started during a immature age. “At 11 years old, we was assisting my father to correct his car. we was spooky with cars and upheld my pushing examination as shortly as we could.”