Anna Trubachova: I love the uniqueness of cars from the past

Just two years ago, Anna Trubachova – writer, journalist, founder of a media agency and manager of numerous social and cultural projects – would have sat in my place interviewing an interesting person. Now she is the one answering my questions and posing in front of the camera. And there is one more reason causing déjà vu: Anna’s first personal car was her age mate, a Mercedes-Benz W 123, 1981.

“When I was in fifth grade, I won a Turbo gum insert: a photo of a W 123. That was when I decided to get myself one when I grew up. And I did get one,” Anna remembers.

Anna’s passion for cars started at a young age. “At 11 years old, I was helping my father to repair his car. I was obsessed with cars and passed my driving exam as soon as I could.”