If you’re throwing an eventuality that attracts Ford fanatics, rigging heads, and each other form of automobile fan underneath a sun, we can gamble that a rainy, cloudy day won’t keep anyone away.

That’s only what happened when Ford Canada attended this year’s Super Auto Show in Mirabel, Quebec to showcase all from a zip of a Focus Electric and Fusion Hybrid to a all-out muscle and beauty of a iconic 2016 Shelby Mustang (and speak about a bit of fitness that a event, celebrating Auto Guide’s 50th anniversary, coincided with a 50th anniversary of a Ford Mustang).

Even with a sharp lane and grey skies, it was a ideal event for attendees to test-drive some illusory Ford vehicles. The Fusion Energi plug-in Hybrid tender with an engine that doesn’t concede energy for fuel efficiency, and a Focus Electric continued to modify those new to a electric automobile knowledge with a opening and style. The Focus ST and Focus SE were also on palm to uncover drivers a mix of opening and efficiency. And afterwards there was a iconic Ford Mustang, that incited heads and offering some-more than only a few driver’s chair thrills via a day.

Attendees of a 2015 Super Auto Show were means to take a look during a new 2016 Shelby GT

The large pull for many, though, was a possibility to lay eyes on a 2016 Shelby Mustang—a automobile that’s justly warranted some-more than a share of admirers. Perhaps Scott Smith, Assistant Product Marketing Manager during Ford of Canada, summed it adult best: “It’s suitable that we’re during a lane today,” he said, “because it unequivocally is a pristine lane car.”

Whether behind a circle or holding in all a tradition jobs on display, it was a good day for Ford fans—they valid that, sleet or shine, they know how to applaud a cars they love.