15 years BMW Brilliance Automotive: BMW Group strengthens joining to China

Munich/Shenyang. The BMW Group sets a march for
a subsequent section of a successful business enlargement in China. With
a long-term agreement prolongation for a corner try BMW Brilliance
Automotive (BBA) and endless investments for serve enlargement of
a prolongation capacity, a association skeleton to expostulate energetic enlargement in
a world’s largest car market.


In a context of a 15th anniversary of BBA, a BMW
Group announced together with a partner Brilliance China Automotive
Holdings Ltd. (CBA) a early prolongation of a corner try contract
and a serve deepening of a existent successful collaboration.
The extended agreement is current for 22 years (from 2018 to 2040).
Furthermore, a BMW Group intends to boost a interest in BBA from
50 percent to 75 percent and both partners have now sealed a
analogous agreement. This transaction is theme to a approval
of a applicable authorities and a agree of a CBA Shareholders’ Meeting.


At a same time, a corner try also announced an investment of
some-more than 3 billion euros in new and existent plant structures in
Shenyang over a entrance years. In Tiexi, a new plant on a existing
plant belligerent will double a site’s capacity, while extensive
remodelling and enlargement measures will aim a beside plant
in Dadong. Production ability there will sojourn a same, though the
structure of a plant will gradually be stretched for destiny BMW model
variants and a approaching marketplace growth. As a result, a sum annual
prolongation ability of BMW automobiles during a BBA plants will
gradually boost to 650,000 units from a early 2020s, creating
5,000 new jobs.


“We are consistently following a enlargement plan for China. With
continual investment, as good as a enlargement and prolongation of
electric vehicles, we underline China’s significance as a energetic growth
marketplace for us,” pronounced Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of
Management of BMW AG. “Our success story goes palm in palm with the
success of a corner try BBA. Together with a partners, we
minister to a tolerable enlargement of a Chinese market,” he added.


In 2017, a BBA automotive plants in Tiexi and Dadong produced
roughly 400,000 vehicles. Currently, 6 BMW models are constructed in
Shenyang: Plant Tiexi manufactures a BMW 1 Series Sedan, a BMW 2
Series Active Tourer, a BMW 3 Series Sedan (including Long Wheelbase
version) and a BMW X1 (including plug-in hybrid version). At Plant
Dadong, a BMW 5 Series Long Wheelbase chronicle (including plug-in
hybrid version) and a BMW X3 are manufactured. From 2020, the
fully-electric BMW iX3 will also hurl off a prolongation line during Plant
Dadong, a solitary prolongation location, and be exported from China to
markets worldwide.


Anniversary jubilee in Shenyang
anniversary jubilee hold during a BBA automotive plant in Tiexi /
Shenyang was attended by Yumin Qi (Chief Executive Officer of
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd.), Xiaoan Wu (Chairman of
BBA), Harald Krüger (Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG),
Dr. Nicolas Peter (Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Finance), Oliver Zipse (Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Production) and member of a Chinese government.


“BMW Brilliance Automotive is a singular success story and provides an
superb instance of a clever partnership built on trust,” added
Yumin Qi, Chief Executive Officer of Brilliance Automotive Group
Holdings. “This corner success is also pushing mercantile enlargement in
Liaoning Province.”


BBA lays a substructure for serve enlargement of a BMW code in China

“Today, as good as celebrating 15 years of a clever and reliable
partnership with Brilliance, we are also laying a substructure for
serve enlargement of a BMW code in China,” settled Dr. Nicolas Peter,
member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Finance.


In a past 15 years, BBA has turn a cornerstone of a BMW brand’s
success in China, a brand’s biggest singular market. In 2017, around
560,000 BMW code vehicles were delivered to business in China.
Two-thirds of all BMW vehicles sole in China final year were produced
by BBA during a dual automotive plants in Tiexi and Dadong.

With a proven play network, a sum of 16 new products for launch
in 2018 and an ongoing product roll-out in a arriving years, a BMW
Group strives to continue a success in China. In a initial eight
months of 2018, deliveries increasing by 4.2 percent and, for a first
time, exceeded 400,000 units. With a far-reaching operation of RD activities
and endless internal production, a association is staid for future
growth, origination a durability grant to a internal economy.


A personality in electromobility: full operation of drivetrains on a
singular prolongation line

The BMW Group anticipates clever enlargement in direct for electric and
electrified vehicles in China. As a personality in electromobility, the
association is evenly gearing a prolongation towards this trend.
With 6 electrified models now available, a BMW Group offers
Chinese business a widest operation of options in a reward segment.
In 2017, a BMW Group some-more than doubled a sales of electrified
vehicles in China from a prior year and expects this enlargement to
continue in 2018.


With a rarely stretchable prolongation system, a new plant in Tiexi
will be means to build vehicles with entirely electric, partially electric
and required drivetrains on a singular prolongation line.


“We are expanding a prolongation complement in Tiexi with a new plant.
This new plant, together with a existent engine plant and battery
factory, will put us in an ideal position,” according to Oliver Zipse,
member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for
Production. “With a rarely stretchable prolongation system, we can
respond fast to marketplace direct and would be means to ramp up
prolongation of electric vehicles to 100 percent of a output.”


In further to a dual existent car plants, BBA non-stop a own
battery bureau in Tiexi a year ago. In May 2018, a association laid the
substructure mill for a vital enlargement of this battery factory. The
new “High-Voltage Battery Centre Phase II” will furnish new, more
absolute batteries with fifth-generation BMW eDrive record for the
fully-electric BMW iX3.


The BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) corner try

The BMW Brilliance Automotive corner try was founded in 2003. Over
a past 15 years, it has turn one of a many successful premium
car manufacturers in China, encompassing prolongation and sales of
BMW automobiles in China, as good as internal RD. In 2017, a BBA
automotive plants in Tiexi and Dadong constructed roughly 400,000 vehicles
for a Chinese marketplace – an boost of around 30 percent year-on-year.


Since 2009, BMW Brilliance Automotive has invested some-more than 52
billion RMB in a plants in Shenyang. In total, BBA employs some-more than
18,000 employees. Since a first of a corner venture, the
retailer network has stretched to some-more than 350 companies. More than 80
suppliers have set adult locations in a Liaoning province.

“15 years of BMW Brilliance is a corner success story that we share
with a partners and over 18,000 associates. With this additional
investment, origination and pursuit creation, we will continue our
high-quality enlargement and expostulate mercantile enlargement in Liaoning
Province,” pronounced Dr. Johann Wieland, boss of BBA.


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The BMW Group


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The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
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