Audi A1 prolongation starts during SEAT in Martorell

Audi a llocated a A1 to Martorell following a prolongation success of a Audi Q3. Production of a Audi Q3 started in midst 2011. Since afterwards until final Jul roughly 800,000 units were done in Martorell. This figure even exceeded primary expectations. The prior era of a Audi A1 was done in Brussels, while a new Audi Q3 is now being done in Hungary’s Győr, factory.

SEAT Vice-president for Production and Logistics Dr. Christian Vollmer explained that “having a make of a Audi A1 allocated here during Martorell is an confirmation of a glorious work carried out by a SEAT Martorell group on a prolongation of a Audi Q3 in new years. The Audi A1 will be done underneath a top peculiarity standards, confirming a Audi Group’s joining to a Martorell bureau as a vital prolongation plcae for a Volkswagen Group’s tellurian network.”

Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics during AUDI AG: “Over a final years, a Martorell plant with a rarely competent employees has constructed a Audi Q3 and done this indication a good success. The plant has gained a lot of knowledge with a intensely quality-oriented Audi prolongation system. Therefore, Martorell is for us a ideal place to make a new Audi A1, one of a vital pillars in this segment.”

The new Audi A1, a second reward indication done in Spain following a Audi Q3, will be done in dual shifts on a revamped Line 3 regulating a MQB A0 platform. This is a height where a Ibiza debuted in 2017. The Audi A1 will minister to progressing a high volume outlay during a Martorell facility, that is a bureau that produces a many vehicles in Spain.

Furthermore, a Audi A1 will raise a synergies and efficiencies with a models that share a height in Martorell, a Ibiza and a Arona. In further to producing a new Audi A1, SEAT also participated in a development, that enabled a origination of high-skilled employment.

Martorell, a new indication lineup
With a further of a Audi A1, prolongation during a Martorell bureau has enclosed 3 new models in a past 18 months, commencement with a fifth era Ibiza in early 2017, that was assimilated a few months after by a new civic crossover SEAT Arona. These launches make it probable to expect a high prolongation volume in arriving years.

In 2018 alone, some-more than 500 workers were recruited with a permanent contract. The bolster of SEAT Group’s workforce responds to a boost of prolongation and models during a Martorell bureau and for vital projects associated with automobile connectivity and a company’s digitisation, as good as for a growth and launch of Tarraco.

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